No Compromise -DA2 Spoiler-
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This is why we can't have nice things.
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Elvinkin66|Student Writer
"There can be no peace."
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Anders Fuc**d the mages in Kirkwall, but he gave the push all other Circle mages needed for freedom.

The end justify the means!? Or nice guy bad plans!? Maybe a small sacrifice for a brighter future.
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he was so stupid :P
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It's my favourite rebel, yay! Let's go blow up the some templars!
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Nice work! But agreed, seeing that scene play out was like "oh...crap." couldn't kill him in the end though :)
I like the crystalized effects on him for Justice possession, you portray the progression nicely. :D
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and everyone say it with me.... "DAMMIT ANDERS!!!"
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Elle-H| Digital Artist
Okay, okay. Now I've officially played this. I was like "I see you there Mr. Renegade Coat" for the entirety of act 3. I knew what he was gonna do, and yet I still romanced him. Ha. Haha. Sad. But the man is a mage... with a pet kitty cat. Named Ser Pounce-a-lot. I couldn't friggin' resist. Playing Awakenings before this makes it so hard.

Once again, this is beautiful. And now I feel like I can fave it without betraying myself...
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*dissolves into weeping* Stupid, stupid Anders!!
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The ultimate Renegade move.
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I hate New Anders, but I do love the fanart.
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Rebochan|Hobbyist Writer
I actually LOATHED what they did with Anders in the sequel.

That said, the piece is awesome.
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amiko16|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wanted to choke the dumbass DX

Very awesome btw :heart:
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ChaniMontani|Hobbyist Digital Artist
xD Not to sound like a dork or anything, but your description made me laugh, like, out loud xPP
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lol, that is exactly what I thought as soon as it happened! Nice painting.
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lol I've been pulled into the whole Dragon Age hype. XD :iconaimo: got me into it.
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moosewingz|Hobbyist General Artist
Have to agree with the person down below - we have this artwork, so we do have some very nice things! :D But yes. Anders. He broke mah li'l heart with this stunt. Gah. But I let him live anyway 'cause then I could give him hell about it for years after. So there.
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I blame the fangirls
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How is this their fault?
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OblivionDreamer's avatar
cuz they love the rebel child...
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xoPIXELox|Hobbyist Photographer
But we have this lovely piece of artwork you've done.
We have nice things. Very nice things. o 3o
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Awwww my poor rabid puppy :( I had to put the poor tike down after this :( ....
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SparkOut1911| Digital Artist
OMG yes! I was playing my nice cute character... when he did that I was like... YOU JERK! D: how dare you use me!!! *cries* I told him to GTFO lol

Ahem, on to the picture. ^^ it's awesome, I like it ... like ... how you did the exploding chantry in the background... The lighting and the mood of the whole picture is pretty cool ^^ very nice.
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