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Lake Monster - Plan B

This is what happens when I'm procrastinating on doing comic pages.

Edit: Crushed by the mean people on deviantArt who pointed out that his little improvised diving helmet wouldn't by scientifically feasible, the little monster found some more trash on the side of the lake and upgraded his invention.
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i think the problem would be getting back out.
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So funny, Lovely <3 
hilarious and  half. 
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What a cute little monster. .:Bunny love:.  I've not seen it myself, but I'm confident the helmet must have looked great before. Either way it looks ace the way it is now! Really gorgeous painting.
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Such fine details. Thanks for sharing a large version.
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if it looks stupid, but it works. it ain’t stupid.
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I would postulate that it works because it looks stupid. Rule of Funny is a very important part of physics.
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But it DOES work! Just look! Super cute!
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To be creative and cute, you don't have to always be scientifically accurate;
otherwise it would be a science manual. :hug: (don't pay attention to the ignorant haters, who only hate because they can't do it themselves)

Good job, I loved it, made my day, thank you. :heart:
Hahaha, that's pretty cute! La la la la 
Thank you for sharing your art with us! :) (Smile) 
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Rule of cool, though. It is awesome-looking, so it must work.
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It's funny. And cute. It's Fute.
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I'm sure this device will work. Looks like a well-planned action. You did amazing work!
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Hahahahahha! That is so cute!!
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Can I please use this as a desktop background? I love this image so much!
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