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Finding Gossamyr 1 Cover Art

By artsangel
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So, here's what I've been working on the past couple of years - finally released in glorious hardcover! All art by me, and writing by David Rodriguez, who did all the writing for Skylanders Swap Force. It's been getting amazing reviews, it's been so humbling.

And also clear proof I should just stay away from writing and stick to art, haha.

You can pick it up from Amazon, or order it from your local comic book retailer!

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MkshftChrstian's avatar
The boy reminds me of young James from Treasure Planet XD
sky665's avatar
It just arrived in the mail today and I loooved it! Keep up the hard work, and I'd love a volume 2 please! :)
snowhummingbird's avatar
Super late response, but I only recently found you so.. xD Anyway, beautiful art! xD I love the colors and your smooth and beautiful style! Also, I loved reading Inverloch and The Phoenix Requiem. I'd say don't give up on your writing - you truly are an awesome writer xD
piggybank67's avatar
Animated movie on the rise?
OwenHuwMorgan's avatar
This is a charming piece of work (with excellent use of lighting btw).
Looking forward to ordering a copy :D
logeg's avatar
Sounds interesting, ordered it.
Supersegagirl's avatar
why can't people read it for FREE!!!!???:baffled: :baffled: :baffled: :baffled: :baffled: 
artsangel's avatar
Because it's a piece of professional work with several people involved in its creation, many laborious hours, and sometimes it's nice to actually get paid for that.
Looks like lot's of fun!
toba122's avatar
So this is where you've been! Congratulations on your book. The art looks great (of course it would)!
Rebochan's avatar
Aww...I disagree.  I think you're a fantastic writer :)  Been empty on the net without you, but I'm excited to have a way to see your work again.
cloudlakes's avatar
I've been looking forward to this since you announced it after Phoenix Requiem was complete.
foxesforsale's avatar
I have been enjoying the digital issues of this sooo much! I wish it was possible for it to be released more frequently, as your art blows me away EVERY PAGE.
MeetToddNelson's avatar
Man, I aspire to be this great. Amazing Work!!
Haikujitsu's avatar
Looks awesome!

theceri's avatar
I got my copy in the mail just before the weekend. LOVING IT!!!
Rovanna's avatar
Awesome! I wanna read it. :D I love the characters, they're so cute and full of expression.
Your art and writing are always so beautiful! I can't wait to read it!
...mine. mine. mineminemineminemineminemine. MINE!
macaron99's avatar
this is beautiful! ^^
a-manders's avatar
i keep getting drawn to the characters expressions because they are all perfect
CheeseStorm's avatar
This is beautiful! And the series looks very intriguing. 

Now I kind of want to binge-re-read TPR...
ranchlamb's avatar
I'll be buying  e money. I've been looking forward to getting the chance to read. Will it become available for the kindle?
artsangel's avatar
Digitally it's on Comixology, I don't know if there's a kindle version of that?
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