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Painter 12 and Photoshop CS5 Brush Review

I did an in-depth review/tutorial on Painter brushes (with a quick bit on Photoshop CS5) on my blog, here: [link]

For the old tutorial I did on the Art Center Blog, look here:
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thanks for sharing, awesome brushes!
Artsammich's avatar
You're welcome!
e-camacho's avatar
Wow dude thank!
NineOrchids's avatar
I want to remember this.
LeeAnneKortus's avatar
Fantastic review!!! :clap: Thanks so much for sharing!!
jonbronx's avatar
Have you tried using ArtRage?
Artsammich's avatar
I have, but only the trial. I thought it had the seeds of something awesome but it felt a little like a toy or gimmick in other ways. Still, I need to buy it and spend some real time getting used to it.
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happy new year to my friend!
zen-3's avatar
interesting, very interesting. thanks for sharing
varialome's avatar
which do you most recommend ? photoshop or painter ?
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Just depends on what is most important to you. If you want meticulous control of separate elements using selections and one gajillion layers, then Photoshop is the way to go. But if you want to have expressive brushes and a more organic way of painting, then Painter is better.
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Hey Sam, I do agree with you but the thing that makes me choose PS is the speed. I can work much faster in PS. Eventhough I love the brushes, the interface of Painter "feels" heavy to me. Maybe that's just something that takes getting used to?
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Also, CS5 isn't faster for me when Painting for some reason, especially when using some of the new brush functionality. I've heard other people with similar complaints about CS5, but it doesn't seem to be a problem for everyone. Maybe it's a video card compatibility problem?
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In older versions of Painter I'd agree with you, but the newer Painter seems much snappier. That said, I'm not a native PS guy, and maybe if I was then Painter would still feel sluggish. But I do think there are speed gains in other areas when using Painter, like getting more expression out of a single brush instead of switching between brushes to get different expression.

I'm definitely not advocating that anyone switches to Painter because there are strengths to each program and some of the features in Photoshop just blow Painter away. In fact I was more disappointed than anyone when CS5 failed to meet the hype and expectations of replacing Painter as a complete painting package---I'd love nothing more than to drop one of the programs I have to use to get everything I want. :)
StijnVanDoorselaere's avatar
Hah exactly! A mix of both would definitly be the best case :)
ales-kotnik's avatar
Thanks for that man! I didnt know you use watercolor for blocking in colors :O

i have to try out that
Artsammich's avatar
I don't usually, but now that I've discovered this brush I might use that technique it more often.
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I just got painter 12 for christmas, and I'm so glad you did this.
ashiong's avatar
thank you so much sam, it really really help! :)
cuongqtran's avatar
Is there a way I can get a copy of those brushes? Pretty please with sugar on top? ^__________________________^
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Buy a copy of Painter 12. These are all stock out-of-the-box brushes, except for the one or two modifications I mentioned.
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