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Jaeger: Chaos Hooligan



This is for the Avalanche blog. And also for my Canadian friends.
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This is a great Jaeger. It's got a great sustained design theme (bulky and stout, with wide curved surfaces; reminiscent of a deep-sea submersible; and the same big hands/torso/head - tiny leg proportions as your Disney Infinity designs).

That's what all the film's Jaeger designs had that made them so great: Gipsy had the body type of a football player with the aesthetics of oil tankers and submarines; Cherno Alpha, a boxer and a nuclear power plant; Romeo Blue, a soldier in dress uniform and a fighter jet; Striker Eureka, a brawler and an ATV. Also, I love the WWII bomber/Millennium Flacon cockpit window. 

Anyway, you did a bang-up job on this guy. I remember being really impressed when I first saw this illustration a while ago. One of the best fan Jaegers I’ve seen.