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This is from a tutorial I did for my Schoolism class. I've done a bit more work on it since then (it would have been a 20 hour tutorial otherwise).

My wife wrote a poem that inspired me as I worked on this. It's about what it means to be an artist, I'll include it here in hopes that it may inspire some of you as well:

(Physics) An instrument formed by combining prisms so as to correct the chromatic aberration of the light while linear dimensions of objects seen through the prisms are increased or diminished; - called also prism telescope.

I have seen you standing still beneath
rapid clouds at dusk, collecting the light,
drawing the gathered radiance in like breath.

You store it everywhere—as lines, faces,
in crowded notebooks—till it spills out, bright,
new-made. Is this creation, these mixed pieces,

When patched-together, conglomerate, they
emerge like sparks from your hands, lightened
and whole?
Some men stockpile days

Like weapons, against the cataclysm.
From you, the stored scraps of collected light
leak like constant suns. And what wrought prisms

allow these sudden visions: myself, made
larger and more beautiful, all the bright
fragments ripened and mingled, naked, laid

like webs of stars together? Those saved skies
reflected back to me, mirrors on mirrors,
A tiny universe within your eyes?
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(⊹つ•۝•⊹)つ lovelyyyy
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Your wife seems to know where you live. Thank her for me and everyone else who absorbs the ineffable and creates stuff as a result.
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I love the painting but I love the poem even more.
Artsammich's avatar
Yeah, she's a good poet.
DracoPhobos's avatar
It looks like an oil painting!
Gabou-gabou's avatar
Love your work, and especially the quality of your lights. Would love to see tutorials from you :)
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I sometimes post tutorial stuff on my blog. I don't do video tutorials except with Schoolism, so you'd have to take one of the classes there. Good news is that if you sign up for Schoolism via the kickstarter right now, it will be lots more inexpensive!
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The clouds are lovely and creepy at the same time
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Just did a color study of this piece. after taking the time to dissect your color choices i've come to the conclusion that you're a genius <3
ArtbyGloriaColom's avatar
This is wonderful!! Do you have the tutorial available for the community or is there a way to enroll in a course with you online? Thank you anyways for sharing your inventive and sublime art!
ArtbyGloriaColom's avatar
Thank you so much!
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Whoa! You truly captured the clouds, and mountainside, and definetly the feel of this. Beautiful!
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I like the collaborative piece of this. The art and poem go hand-in-hand, in my opinion and they really compliment one another. Both are very dope pieces. You two should do this more often if you don't already. This is really dope.
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Well, now, that is just marvelous. Thanks very much for that.
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Great work, and I adore the poem! Your wife is very talented too!
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lovely poem lovely painting
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The Clouds Look Like Living Creatures - Fantastic.
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Helen and Nilolay Roerich nowadays
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I very, very much like this! A lot!
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Absolutely stunning ;O;
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Great volume of cloud!
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