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Unicron versus Star Wars Colored

By artrobot9000
My colored version of my Unicron versus Star Wars.
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Sorry, but not even the Death Star is match for Unicron, Destroyer of the Worlds.

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Would 2 death stars work?

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Nope. Not even Starkiller base is match against the guy, who can rip the planets in parts with his bare hands and destroys armies of enemies with his brutal strength. Only the Matrix of Leadership can defeat Unicron.

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Like your thoughts but "the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force..."

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The Force? Please! Unicron can give Vader a new form in exchange for total loyalty. Also. don't forget, that Unicron can torture his slaves on distance, which Palpatin could not do. On the top of that, Unicron is a being that filled with anti-life energy called Angolmois, which is uneffected by the Force. Vader maybe numbero uno in the Galactic Empire, but Unicron is a GOD! And not even the Lord of Sith cannot compete against the god.

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You are an incredible artist this is epic. the empire and the rebellion putting aside of their conflict to stop a bigger threat the one-time good guys and bad guys unite against the common foe in the starwars universe the threatens both the empire and the rebellion and perhaps the fate of all the planets in the galaxy.

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Now if only we can get a comic of this or an anime. Still debate this with friends on occasions.
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this honestly i think is my favorite unicron art piece on the internet, like i dont think theres another unicron themed piece of art i love more, well done sir!!!!
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Words...should've sent..a poet!
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Where is that from. It sounds familiar. If it was in TF Movie I jhang my head in shame.
Do you sell these are conventions also if you like fanfiction check this out
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This is one of the most popular things I have made. I even made a semi #D Shadowbox of it. Still trying to sell it. I'm confused is there supposed to be a link in hte post?
I guess it didn't go through I have the link again right here…

it's a crossover between the Transformers 2009 movies with Star Wars it's actually pretty good and everything it kind of starts out like Transformers Prime
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I read the prologueso far but it seems pretty good. The downside is that its the movie transformers though. I hate those wrecking balls.
Oh and if you're still reading the fanfiction I told you about he's a bit of a spoiler alert frenzy just used the allspark cube to turn the Death Star into a Transformer
Also I think they'd be better off using the second death star has a lot more Firepower
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It does? Was that in th emovie or just the extra fluff?

I have been busy but read the fan fiction  have gotten past the part where R2 kills Skippy the Jedi droid(SW joke comic) and Arcee meets Obiwan.
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Unless they were able to blow off his head or Pierce straight through his heart the Death Star can't really destroy Unicron unless he's in his Planet mode
Keep going it's pretty good I promise
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Actually it's from Contact.
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Sooo Beautiful!!!Waaaah! Love Waaaah! Love La la la la La la la la 
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Oh my god! Unicron makes even the Death Star look tiny! Btw, where's Galvatron?
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