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Hello everyone!

Thank you for your continued support. We have been working on some new designs and I wanted to share them with you all:

Home Page

Profile Page

Gallery Page

Edit Page

This is just the beginning. We're all working hard to bring you a good art site! :heart: We hope to see you soon once our doors open up to you all.
To see more screenshots, it is recommended to join our Discord. Moving forward, Discord will be our primary place to share information about the site.

EDIT 05/04/2020:

There have been some concerns about our decision to use Discord as our primary source of updating users. Discord is easiest for us since we have the ability to show exactly what is being done on the site, which is done by a bot. However, we understand your concerns and will be updating on our Twitter as well, although it will be less than Discord.

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Oh im so going to join this site once it releases next year!!! It looks soo simple and its easy like the Classic DA, Fuck eclipse, im rooting for Artrise!!!!, i’ll find my place of posting my awesome art!!!! And meet new and “friendly users” and hope my friends from here join me there as well!!

Keep it workin on your masterpiece of website guys!! you have my support!! 😃👍👍👍👍👍

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Uluri Digital Artist

I'd like to voice my concern about using Discord as your primary update platform. For one, Discord is not something as easily publicly accessible as Twitter and DeviantArt on general updates. Secondly, your Twitter, nor this group, has been updated or interacted with on your project since May 4, and that is very worrisome. Thirdly, Discord is a closed space, so if you want to spread the word about your art site and get more support for it, making sure to present them on open platforms like DA and Twitter where sharing and news is common would be good to keep up on.

You don't have to share every little thing, but for the general public it would be beneficial to both your site and other people to have that Public announcement or general activity reassurance. It is very apparent by the comments I am seeing that outside communication is craved right now.

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How do I get the invitation code, like I have to join the discord or is it temporary? .-.

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They're currently only for devs- they'll start issuing them when they move into beta at the end of the year.

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So you're saying that we'll have to wait till 2021 for ARTRise to launch? :(

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Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are websites. Especially when they have a dev team of 3-4 people.

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I'm aware of that. It was just be being a little impatient, especially after reading some of the recent DA team updates that do absolutely nothing to convince us to stay here.

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oh okay, thanks for solving my question

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Justa-CloneHobbyist Artist

invite code?

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NightmariticNew Deviant

I’d like to know the date of when it’s coming out, because I really want to register. Because it’s very pretty!

It was though enough to find a site that looks inviting, the very inviting ones no longer work, that’s why I came to DA.

Now I find ArtRi-se and it looks really cute!

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looks good

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The example pictures above look really nice and clean. I can easily see everything but still my focus automatically pops to where I want it to, so it looks like the people who are working on this site know a lot about intuitive and user friendly web design <3 Looking forward to seeing the end result! :D

And a lil question: I'm wondering if the avatars will be round like on Twitter or if they will be square?

A circle would have wasted empty space in all the corners, while a square can fit a lot more art in it, and the corners can be used to write your name so you don't end up like a friend of mine who made a really cute avatar for herself but have had it stolen many times. And it will be easier to make the picture look nice, so I'm hoping that square avatars will at least be an option :)

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northseafairyHobbyist Digital Artist

Things are looking so beautiful! I wish I knew how to code so I could help. But I will support this in any other way I can! :excited: excited Daisy excited Excited Emotion :excited: rvmp Excited Izuku Excited Icon

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Was a release date being mentioned already? I mean, if it's gonna happen this year or the next one? With the Eclipse being forced on us, I'm looking for a friendly place to post the photos and stories, and while I have AO3 for stories, I have no place for my photos and most of DA alternatives I've researched before are rather for professionals and to be honest, they don't look very inviting.

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Yeah same here, I’m starting to think that we had taken the old DA for granted, would be nice if there was an obvious alternative to migrate to.

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Google isn't too helpful with giving alternatives to DA which have that friendly vibe. Most of them are for pro artists and since I'm definitely not a pro, I would feel very akward on pages like ArtStation. I love AO3 but it lacks this cozy feeling of community, mostly because there's no way to add friends there. That left me with ArtRise but seeing we may have to wait till the end of this year or even the next one for ArtRise to be release it leaves me hanging in the meantime. I don't want to rush people creating ArtRise, that's not my intention at all. But it would be nice to find a nice waiting room before AR being opened to all of us.

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TooRonzHobbyist Digital Artist

I am incredibly excited for this site!! It still holds up what da looked like before this whole eclipse thing. I won't fully leave da but i'd absolutely join this when it up and working!

Best of luck to this website!

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Garnet-FrostHobbyist Digital Artist

Cheer Still rooting for ya, especially with everything that's going on right now.

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lGrungeWerXlProfessional Filmographer

Okay, after viewing the page with some art samples on the Discord chat server, I can honestly say I'm generally liking this direction. It will inevitably need (and get) some polish, and things hopefully will be crisp before launch. And sites always evolve and look better over time, but from what I see, it's going in the right direction and will TRULY be the spiritual successor to classic DA; and I can say that having been on this site for over 15 years. There was no other site like DA...until I really feel like people are going to leave DA when it's up, because it's highly personable and has some AWESOME customization.

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DarkAluminumHobbyist General Artist

I'm pretty excited to try this out! Looks like it'll be a good site, maybe even better than dA!

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mrm64Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SO excited for this! :la: I will stick around on DA for my buddies but I'm really hoping ArtRise will be my main portfolio, even above Twitter and Tumblr (which are art+everything else like politics, news, *cough* drama *cough*, etc..)
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VickySensei3719Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dude, looks so cute and friendly!! I'll definitely join!

I wonder what an NSFW art will look like on this page... whatever. I still think that the simplistic style is very striking!!
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lGrungeWerXlProfessional Filmographer
Honest opinion: I think I preferred the first design. This new design isn't terrible, but it makes the site look like it's aiming for elementary school children. If that's what you're going for, that's completely fine, but I can't help but wonder if the design isn't sending the wrong message. God forbid some art escapes the NSFW or adult-content filter, then you're in some real trouble.

Here's hoping for a final design that's a fusion of the old and new or maybe something altogether different. (Fingers crossed for at least a gray/dark gray theme option)
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PocketIllustStudent Digital Artist

i think its the background and the rounded off corners. they need to be altered slightly imo

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