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Artrise is an upcoming art community and sharing site, by artists, for artists! Updates are posted here and (primarily) in our Discord server! We look forward to bringing you a new and exciting website, and thank you so much for being with us on this amazing journey!

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Hello everyone!
The long awaited ArtRise update is here – in this update we will be discussing the issues we have had that have caused our delays, how we are progressing as well as our plans for the future!
So, why have we had delays with progress? Well, in short, our founder, Stanley, took a break leaving the project in the hands of myself and the other directors, I became incredibly unwell for a few months resulting in decisions being made without full approval, we lost a lot of staff due to COVID-19 resulting in a major project slow-down, and ended up with just myself managing the project while other directors were absent for a variety of reasons.
While our project had made great initial progress, these issues caused a significant delay in development. I would like to say it was a case of pure bad luck (and while some of it absolutely was - for example, my illness or the COVID pandemic), a lot of the issues and a majority of the repercussions of ‘bad luck’ could have been avoided had we had the correct staff on our team and procedures to deal with such situations.
Fortunately, mistakes are opportunities for learning, and we have now begun to rectify these issues, and we thank everyone who has stuck with the project through these tough times, we hope to make you all proud and give you an amazing site to call home soon!
Stanley (the founder of ArtRise) and I are getting back together as business partners to overhaul the project and get everything going again. With a two owner/two director system, we hope to streamline the process of development. We had issues with multiple directors due to absences meaning that board meetings were continuously delayed, issues with big decisions being passed without approval from the other directors, and other similar issues.
As Stanley and I are two of the original members of the ArtRise project, we hope to bring the site back to its roots and be able to make brilliant progress in the coming weeks and months – we have already made some good progress after our meeting earlier this week, but we have further to go yet!
We have reached the decision that we will be starting the project entirely from scratch. As we have lost our main developer, and have decided to give the site a bit of a face lift, we have decided it would be better for us to entirely build the project from the ground up- ironically, this should make development faster, as new web devs will not have to become familiar with all the old backend code, and we can build a fresh coding team without being limited to our current languages or requiring time to get familiar with what has already been coded. A clean slate for the project is the best approach we can take at this point.
What is our plan for progressing? Well, our first step is to finalise the designs of the most important pages of the site, Stanley has already made good progress with this, and I will be assisting with the remaining essential pages after the profile and home page designs have been finalised and approved by us both. After that, we will be publishing an application form for web developers and bringing them onto our team, beginning the process of rebuilding the site! Once we have at working base of our site, we will be sending out more moderator applications, and hopefully reopening our Discord server to bring our community back together and provide them with live updates and allow them to feed back on our progress!
We do not want to commit to a timeframe at this point but be certain we will be trying to get everything done as quickly as possible!
It is worth remembering that all ArtRise staff, including myself and Stanley, are not paid for the work we do and have not received a penny for all the work we have done! We hope once the site is up to be able to pay all the wonderful volunteer staff, and they will always be priority before us! As we are all volunteers and this is not a job for us, we cannot viably work full time on this project, but we do our best to put all our free time into it that we can!
While our Discord server remains closed for talking at the moment, we will be posting updates in the announcements channels, so if you want to join to keep an eye on our progress and look out for our hiring announcements, feel free!
Once again, thank you all for sticking with us through the development of the project! We can’t wait to get development underway once again and will be doing our best to keep you all updated throughout the progress of the project!
Best wishes to all,
- Fourd and the whole ArtRise team!
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