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Artrise is a brand new art-sharing site that is in the works! New updates will be posted here, but if you really want to keep up-to-date you should join our Discord server!

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Here's a sneak peek of a part of user pages!

Planned Features: You can see some of them here!

Got a suggestion? Let us know!

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Hello! It’s been a while since we had a public update on the project, and here it is!

The website,, is going to be an Artist Social Media website where any and all art is welcome!

I would like to start off by announcing that we have an OFFICIAL dA group where further updates will be posted! :iconartri-se: as well as a twitter @/artriseofficial

Updated Screenshots and Mockups

Since the mockups shown in the previous journal were very early concepts here’s some updates!!

  • The official site nav bar [subject to minor edits]

The site navbar, the one thing you’ll see consistently throughout the website! This holds all of the most important links, from the home page to your settings, notifications, exc and other fun site pages!

  • Profile page

One of the most important aspects of the site, your profile!! There will be many widgets available including a custom widget for anything you want! All widgets are able to be placed in any order you like, customize it all to make your page stand out from the rest!

  • Front page mockup [mockup somewhat outdated and needs a revamp]

The front page, this is where you’ll be able to discover new artwork and see what’s been recently posted! And no worries, you can hide certain tags if you don’t wish to see it, the front page will be safe as is possible!

Newest: self explanatory, the newest stuff that’s been posted!

Featured: Art featured by the admins of the site, users will be able to nominate art to be featured! This will be updated daily [if possible!]

Popular: Art that users are talking about! Art that gets the most interactions in a short time will be here! It’ll update automatically consistently!

  • Notification page mockup

The notifications page, this is where you can see things posted by people you follow and any comments or interactions you may get on any of your posts!

Notifications can stack or not stack, it’s up to you!

If you click on any specific notification type on the list the page will only show you notifications of that type!

If you notice, the notification page has tabs….

Inbox: your regular inbox, where everything is until you reply or delete it. Nothing will disappear without you telling it to!

Favorites: you like someone's art just a little more than the rest? Or don’t want your friend’s posts to get lost in your sea of notifications? That’s what this is for! When following someone you can check a “favorite” box to have these posts go into their own special place! *only works for follow notifications, comments and replies go into the regular inbox.,, this tab will not show up if you do not have any user favorited.

Groups: if you are the admin of groups you can easily toggle to the group notifications here! This tab wont show up if you do not admin groups!

Saved: need to keep a notification for something? A reminder? Anything? Save it here instead of deleting. This will allow you to clear your inbox without getting rid of important stuff! Saved notifications will stay until you delete them, to prevent accidental deletion of saved notifs there will be a prompt asking you if you wish to delete the notification.

Notes: private messages, this is for the really important stuff. You can disable notes in the settings page however, this will prevent people from contacting you this way, the tab will not appear if you disable notes!

More updates and planned features!

We are currently still working on the basic functionality, but progress is being made! We’re super excited about everything we have planned, there is no ETA yet but follow our group or other social medias to get updates on that!

Currently we are planning for once the site has basic needed functionalities there will be an invite giveaway on our Discord Server where we will be slowly giving out invite codes for people to make accounts and test out the site! If you are interested in following that feel free to join our discord server!

Some planned features, or just features we haven’t made mockups for yet: [note that not all features that are planned will be available right away, building a website takes time!]

  • Fully customizable profiles

    • Widgets can be moved in any way!

    • Custom boxes allow for some HTML coding

    • Various styles of artwork showcasing

    • More customizable options for premium members [like CSS and stuff!]

    • And more!

  • Commissions tab

    • Commission review widget

    • Commission request widget

    • Commission gallery

  • Character tab

    • Upload character references to have them tagged in artwork of them uploaded by users of !

    • Character galleries [all images a character is tagged in go here]

    • Character transferring [for ease of character trading so you don't lose all your tags!]

  • Artwork uploads…

    • Multiple images in one upload! Good for showing off a pieces progress or just for having different versions of the same images!

    • Comic pages, fiction chapters, and series of artworks.connect different uploads to get an easy to navigate button! You can even connect with other users [with their permission of course,] for collaborative comics and fiction and what have you!

  • Fanart character tags [for characters from games, movies, tv, exc]

    • A special tag in the fanart category, type the characters name to add it to the characters fanart gallery!

  • Tag blocking

    • Don’t like # gore? Block the tag in your settings! Anything tagged with a blocked tag will not appear! [though be wary, some people don’t tag. Please be responsible and tag your work appropriately !!]

  • Tags in general

    • Tags are something that users can type out in a text box when uploading an image, it’s useful for both making your art easier for people to find and tagging stuff that may make some people upset from seeing [like fetishes and violence and whatnot] you can create a tag just by typing it out! Clicking on a tag will take you to a page where you can browse art and journals tagged with the same tag!

  • NSFW and Mature Filters

    • Mature stuff HAS to be censored on We will have detailed mature filters on top of tags.

    • Mature stuff will not be visible to guests!

    • Fetish artwork [even if they seem sfw!] must be filtered and tagged as well!

  • Groups

    • Groups are where you can find people with common interests to hang out with and share art relating to the topic with! Or simply to advertise your commissions!

  • ARPGs

    • This is a secondary group type with added functionality!

    • Point systems will be fully customizable and automated to streamline ARPG reward systems!

    • A widget for prompts, you can type prompts here. You can also add a thumbnail image to the prompt notification, a time limit, a submission limit [1 submission per user] and a point value reward to stack on top!

    • An item shop widget, people can cash in their points balance for various items, all customizable to the admins liking!!

  • Premium accounts

    • These are our wonderful supporters! The people who keep the site running! They’ll get extra features like; more customization, more custom boxes, and much more

  • And so much more… this only scratches the surface of what could be in store!!

And last but certainly not least…

The fun section: Our mascot! Canvas!

Canvas is a noodle dragon who’s body is a blank canvas! You can paint whatever you like on Canvas, make Canvas what you want. The true spirit of!

When making an account, you’ll get a small canvas for your profile, this canvas will grow and evolve with your account! Your personal Canvas will gain experience and collect achievement badges for you as you do your thing on the site!

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