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Stock: April in Silver Dress Tossing Her Hair

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Definitely not my normal type of shoot, but i had a great time with April who is a young, very creative and beautiful model.  We did a variety of photos, but I thought this series was particularly interesting.  I love the way she handles her dress, and the way she tosses her hair back is amazing!

As with all my stock art reference images, your download includes a copyright license for the commercial use and sale of your new artwork.  And you're not just limited to DA prints and gifts.

24 Full size jpgs, thumbnails, and copyright license in one zip file.       

More of April here:

Stock:  April in Roaring 20's Style Flapper Dress by ArtReferenceSource
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Amazing Work! I am wondering if the model releases could be included with the download, instead of waiting for them after the purchase. For professional projects like book covers this would make it much easier for people like myself, to just come and download anything they need at any time without having to wait. Just a suggestion. :) We always feel better when we have the model releases and many authors ask for it as well. Thank You!

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When I saw this pic the first time, I have fallen in love with this dress. I have searched all the internet for it and finally found on

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This is an amazing Set! Love her expressions very much.
Used it here for a few fictional Book-Covers.

Book 1 - Born by mattze87   Book 2 - Woken by mattze87   Book 3 - Risen by mattze87   Book 4 - Arrived by mattze87   Book 5 - Lost by mattze87   Book 6- Banned by mattze87  Book 7 - Wanted by mattze87
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Thank you so much Used here
  Storm by Wittle2
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Used here:
Angel Premade Series ***SOLD*** by FrostAlexis
Thank you! ^^
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Used here, thanks so much, will absolutely buy more packs, they are great!  Aereol Ballet-moths  and roaches by SlichoArt
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These ones are cool !!!
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Thanks!  Used here:
Levitation by cubicmicron
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Fantastic lines!
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I don't quite understand what you mean by your download includes a copyright license, does that mean if we download it here on da we can do whatever we want with it? Please explain
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These photos are art reference.  You can't use them "as-is".  But, buy purchasing the download which includes a copyright license - you are allowed to create NEW art (which includes major changes to the original) and sell that.  There are some limitations of course - no porn, can't resell the original photos, etc.  If you take a look at my main page - you'll see artwork created by hundreds of DA artists using my photos as reference.

Hope that makes things more clear.    Here's the license you get when you purchase my art reference sets:

The Seller grants the buyer a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty free license to use the photos and/or digital art to CREATE NEW WORKS OF ART that include changes, modifications and/or additions to the original downloaded photo or digital art.  (color correction and minor retouching does not constitute “significant changes”)

The buyer may then sell the new piece of art as original art, or reproductions as prints, posters, postcards, book covers, clothing and other media.  (see restrictions below) 

The Buyer is NOT PERMITTED to:
1.  Resell or distribute in any manner the ORIGINAL artwork as supplied by the seller.  
2.  Use the artwork in any way that is considered pornographic or obscene.
3.  Sell the new artwork as a stock image or add it to any type of image collection. 
4. Claim copyright of the original image(s).
The Seller warrants:
1.  It has the right to enter into and perform this Agreement and to grant this License;
2.  It has separate agreements in place with all models who have agreed to the using of their photos
3.  The images provided do not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.

Seller and Buyer agree that by using this Agreement form and by acknowledging its use on the Premium Content Platform at the time of the Download the transaction record for the Download will be the equivalent of their respective electronic signatures.

If you have questions regarding this license, please contact Len Kaltman via phone: 
(513) 313-9324 or email:
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Alright, thank you. I appreciate the info.
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Moda by Enchanted-Red-Rose Thank you.  I used your beautiful stock here. 
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Fantastic reference!
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Oxygen Thank you very much!
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I used your fantastic stock here : Storm passion by umina67 .
Thank you very much:).
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