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ludocards Tarot size 7x12cm card and sturdy 2piece



template I've used to prepare my Tarot 7x12cm card size & sturdy 2piece box by
click Download button for 7zip file with;
1psd Tarot size 7x12cm card template (save your img as 898x1488px & 300dpi)
2pdf (original box template!) i converted to 2png files for original sturdy 2piece box top & bottom (fit up to 81card!:) also 300dpi

feel free to use for your personal & commercial projects!^^
Don't change or claim as yours or upload somewhere else without credit!^^

Disclaimer; these files are not same default Tarot size card & thin 300gsm cardstock box you can generate template here;

but Tarot card template design I prepared according to my best knowledge & info &
box template is for special *sturdy 2pice box full printed inside & out available at request!:)
pdf provided by costumer service at request at time I've printed my deck!
& if you have any doubt about it please ask printer directly for clarification!:)

I'm not responsible if you f* up something in process & are not happy with result!^^ ;)

in short this is how you determine your digital image card size in pixel & template you need to work with ludocards printer;
*your printed card size in mm (i.e standard Tarot is 70x120mm) +3mm of bleed area to each side adds total of 6mm
to each of this numbers = 76x126mm converted to pixel = 898x1488px by 300dpi within this size you can see template red line mark 3mm from each edge representing line where your cards are expected to be cut in printing process (aka bleed)
& another blue line 3mm from that one representing so called *safe area you should place all important card text & elements you wish to be visible after printing in case print end up off center (3mm drift is considered acceptable by most standard printers!:)

Tip; be sure to remove that guideline template before saving/exporting your img or pdf!:)
you can also use Scribus to prepare your pdf for print!:)

also if you used gamecrafter or other standard printer that use 900x1500px Tarot size template you can drop these img centered over these ludocards I find guidelines are compatible!:) just be sure to export/save as png or pdf 898x1488px & 300dpi template (i.e in gimp:)

read my full review of this printer service with printed card & box img here;

Thank You!^^
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