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The Watercolor tool in ArtRage comes with a range of presets to help you start painting. You can also create your own custom brush presets by changing the tool properties in the Settings menu. (Note: some of these presets aren't available in all editions of ArtRage, because they use settings that aren't in every version).

Tip For Watercolor Painters: ArtRage has a Watercolor Blend Mode. You can find it in the Layers menu, and it creates a more realistic watercolor 'layering' effect.

ArtRage is a natural media painting program developed by Ambient Design. You can learn more about it here www.artrage.com
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starduskmoon|Hobbyist General Artist
I currently only have the demo version. I am still learning but do all of the above effects/features come included with the demo or is it only with the official version? I Love the program so far. :) 
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The demo version only has four of the above presets, but the actual Watercolour tool is exactly the same - you can still get all the above results by playing around with the settings a bit (presets are just saved shortcuts, basically). You're always welcome to ask us for help with specifics!

(And it's great to hear you're enjoying ArtRage)
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starduskmoon|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yes. I totally love the program. Hopefully in the next month I can get pro. The youtube videos and forums are also inspiring. I've been lurking in the watercolor aspect but I'd like to also get into using the pencil feature. I've always used Corel for pencil/pastel and watercolor (ew) but it only took one round of using the demo and I was hooked with ArtRage. If I can manage a somewhat realistic pencil drawing/sketch in AR that'll make it easier than using Painter for it or having to import sketches traditionally (I don't have a scanner hehe). 
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Oh, that's awesome. Hmm, for pencils... It does depend a lot on the effects you're after (sketchy vs clean lines), but you might want to look into:

- changing the canvas texture (it has a huge effect on the pencil). You can also set individual layer texture, so you can sketch on one layer, paint on another.
- some of the custom sticker spray brushes people have created, especially SomeoneSane's here forums.artrage.com/showthread.… (you can't install many custom resources with the demo, but they might give you an idea of what you can do).
- some users just prefer using the ink pen Sketchbook Pro Pencil in Artrage by rad66203
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