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Installing Package Files in ArtRage

ArtRage Studio, Studio Pro and 4 allow users to create and share packaged files of their custom content (stickers, brush presets, canvases and so on). These are very easy to install.

You can also install different content types individually, but it is slightly more complicated . This forum post explains it further.

The example used in this tutorial is GB AR4 Oil by GBWhisper

ArtRage is a natural media painting program developed by Ambient Design. You can learn more about it here

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Unfortunately, every time I try to download a pack from the website it keeps on making a separate window with a bunch of code on it. I tried to make it an .arpack file by hand via Notepad but whenever I double-clicked it, it would just bring up a new canvas, and wouldn't open up any sort of download screen. I have Artrage 4, but I got it through Steam.
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my demo  has  an error  on it  line  keeps comming on it  erases  eveything  stop  me  going to places  on my drawings  dont  know what it  is  interference
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Hi there! I'm sorry to hear that. Are you still seeing this problem?

If your mouse or tablet won't stop drawing, then this could either be a driver (tablet software) related problem, or it could just be a stuck key. If it is still happening, send us an email at and we can help you troubleshoot it.