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How to Create Tool Presets in ArtRage 4

Did you know that you can save your favourite brushes, and any other tool setting combinations that you create?

Do you have a specific ink pen setting that you always use? Are you using the text tool and want a ready made set of fonts and sizes to match your project? Do you wish that you could share your favourite oil brush with someone else?

Every tool (except Transform) can create Presets. You can save these in organised Groups in the Presets menu, name them and give them custom icons.

Stickers and Sticker Spray Brush Presets
While the Sticker tools are created and saved as presets in the same way as other tools, the actual sticker creation is a lot more complicated. 

Sharing the Presets
Now that you have created your custom brush or specialised text set up or other preset, you can choose to share it directly with other users.

There are two ways to do this.

1. Create a Package file.

This is an automatically installling file that 'packages' as many Presets and Preset Groups as you like into one file. It will install itself into ArtRage automatically, so it is much easier for everyone else to use.

You can find the Package File creator by going to File > Create Package File. 

Creating Package Files in ArtRage
Installing Package Files in ArtRage
ArtRage Shared Presets Preview Template

2. Browse directly to the files on the hard drive and share them individually

This makes it easier to see what you are getting from someone, but requires more work to install.

To find the files, go to the Presets menu (for any tool), click the Menu button and choose "Open the User Tool Presets Folder". This will open the hard drive folder that ArtRage saved your preset to, and looks in for new presets.

ArtRage is a natural media painting program developed by Ambient Design. You can learn more about it here
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