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Bob Ross Colors for ArtRage

Downloadable package file of Bob Ross color samples.

Includes Landscape, Soft Oils and Floral Oils in separate .col files, as well as ArtRage 4 and ArtRage 3 package files.

Package files can be opened using ArtRage Lite, ArtRage 3 (Studio/Studio Pro), and ArtRage 4, and will allow you to automatically install the packaged resources. For more about installing and creating package files see: Creating Package Files in ArtRage and Installing Package Files in ArtRage

ArtRage is a natural media painting program developed by Ambient Design. You can learn more about it here
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that but artrage 6? srry

you guys rock!

Can not find download link.

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How do I download? I'm very new to this site.

Are these print safe colors?
Hi ArtRageTeam

Do you plan to one day incorporate a function into ArtRage that mimics masking fluid and texture paste?
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The colors are nice but it would be great to have someday the technology to use a knife with loaded paint and stroke across a canvas with depth and even a randomized oil brush hair feature where every stoke and dab on the canvas is never the same. Brush hair bending physics technology is needed. This is what i wait for and what stops me from going digital. I look forward to that technology. No one had touched it yet.
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I'm not quite sure from your comment whether you've ever actually tried using ArtRage and don't like it, or just are dubious about painting programs in general. If you haven't tried ArtRage, then - while it's not absolutely perfectly realistic - you might find you like it.

- It does have the option to load paint onto a palette knife
- The oil brush also includes a range of options (aspect, rotation, stiffness, thinners, loading, square/round head) to allow you to mimic a variety of brush types.
- Brush strokes aren't 100% random, but between pressure, paint loading, paint mixing, the variety of settings, and some additional hard coded randomisation, you can create very realistically variable strokes.
- Canvas texture does affect the strokes and can be customised - you can create your own custom patterns as well by importing images.

We've had very positive feedback from traditional artists through the various editions, and that feedback helped shape the tools into what they currently are (and will be considered in future editions to try and make it even better - live brush movement is one of the things that has been mentioned).

I got the example below in two minutes of just tweaking settings to get a range of effects and mixing paint around; if you're curious, we have a free demo that you can download and play with:
You'll get the best (i.e. thickest paint) results if you add thick paint using the Paint Tube and then use the palette knife on it, but you can paint with just the knife itself.

Artrage Oil Palette Impasto Demop by ArtRageTeam  

Some examples of traditional oil paint style art that were painted in ArtRage:

Variant of Reverie (J.W. Godward) by AndreaMG Portrait of Sister in law by LotharZhou Birch trees-da by enug66 Blue Mountains by LenaPen Eider study by Renum63Rough Colored Sketch Of An African Girl by digit-DsRGD-heykrit by The-TinidrilLandscape in ArtRage Completed by Delofasht
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