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ArtRage Sticker Spray Presets: 'Art Brushes'

By ArtRageTeam
ArtRage 3 and 4 have a custom brush tool known as "Stickers". This is a highly customisable tool that comes with a wide range of presets.

You can add them as individual stickers, or use the Sticker Spray tool to draw with a steady stream of custom icons, brush strokes and other preset brushes. 

The "Art Brushes" preset group includes specialised custom brushes, such as calligraphic, impasto and bristle brushes.

Other Sticker Spray Groups:
Sticker Spray
Art Clippings
Fun Brushes
Hair + Fur
Nature Stamps

ArtRage Sticker Spray Presets: 'Sticker Spray' by ArtRageTeam ArtRage Sticker Spray Presets: 'Art Clippings' by ArtRageTeam ArtRage Sticker Spray Presets: 'Fun Brushes' by ArtRageTeam ArtRage Sticker Spray Presets: 'Hair + Fur' by ArtRageTeam ArtRage Sticker Spray Presets:  'Nature Stamps' by ArtRageTeam ArtRage Sticker Spray Presets Reference Sheet by ArtRageTeam

ArtRage is a natural media painting program developed by Ambient Design. You can learn more about it here
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🤔 Deep Paint 2.0 uses has the same characteristics of ArtRage. The Texture Brushes and Dialog can do the Sticker aka Image Stamp effects or 3d Layers.

It's brushes in the Art (oil, pen and ink, chalk and charcoal) and standard paints 3d effects are found in when I activate the Bump, Shine, effects.
There is no link to download the brush file?
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This is a guide to the default brushes included in ArtRage. If you open the Sticker Spray tool, then look through the Presets, you will find all of them there.
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Wait a minute. Square head does it for the flat. 
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I'd appreciate some help. I have been painting seriously since I was 14, though I knew I wanted to paint by the time I was 8. I'm now 70 and have developed a tremor that has made it too difficult to paint with real paint, canvas, and brushes. So I purchased a touch screen computer and am learning digital painting. However, I am very frustrated with the brushes available. An artist who works with oil in the real world (as opposed to digital) has four basic brushes at his disposal; flats, brights, round and filbert (yes there are several others that are just variations). The real texture on the canvas is the other variation he has available to work with. Of these brushes, the flat is the most versatile. It is comparable to a large Japanese round with a fine tip for watercolor. What the flat can do that I can't find anywhere within the many digital brushes is a flat with the ability to use it in one direction for a broad stroke and perpendicular to that for a thin stroke, and everything in between. The other effect that I haven't been very successful at is scrumbling.  The latter is a function of varying the pressure on the brush and is probably possible with a Wacom tablet or a different type of touch screen than I have--or a digital brush design that imitates the broken, splotchy result.
Any chance you could work with me to develop these types of effects?

Bud Rudesill
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You might want to try Deep Paint 2.0. Freeware. It has a Brush Behavior / Random setting that let's you add random splotchy effects by using that.
Of for the (following as you go rotate) you go to vector and push rotate all the way to maximum.
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Hi Bud,

Some of these depends on which edition you're currently using. In ArtRage 4:

- Both the Ink Pen and the Oil Brush have Rotation and Aspect settings that let you change the thickness in different stroke directions for both round and square brushes.

- Scumbling can be done by reducing the loading on the oil brush down between 0-5%.

Try these combinations:
-- 2% loading, 0% Thinners
-- 95% Thinners, 90-100% Stiffness, 20% Loading

You could also try the Pastel tool at low pressure and low softness.
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It's what I use mainly. Not these, per se, but others I have converted from photoshop sets! A great part of a great tool!
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