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Hello, everyone! This is a general announcement to explain how, when and where to submit to this group.

Because we are an official group, it is run a bit differently from the standard DeviantART group. We do not accept general submissions, except in certain categories.

Favourites/ Collections

We do accept submissions to the Favourites Collections. All your ArtRage Paintings are welcome there. You can either submit them to the relevant category (e.g. landscapes, people), or just stick them in Featured and we'll sort them out later for you.

We cannot get rid of the Featured folder, and at some point its purpose will probably change, but right now it's just a general submission folder.

Staff actively browse DeviantART to collect ArtRage work into the Favourites folder, so you may find your work is already in there. If it's not, it is possible that we were not sure whether you used ArtRage or not - submit it yourself, or add a note in the comments section.

Why Not Submit to the Main Group?

We do not have a place to submit general art to the group, because:

1) There would be a great deal of artwork submitted, and it would overwhelm the other content, which this group is trying to spotlight. We do not want to overshadow the contest entries and features.

It would also overwhelm the Ambient Design staff! (We do have other jobs to do as well as run this group).

2) There are some perfectly good ArtRage groups already, so there's no point trying to compete with them (we watch them all as well and add art from there). Many ArtRage paintings are already submitted to multiple groups, so there is no reason to have it submitted to our group as well. We strongly encourage you to join one or more of the other groups to share your work.
    :icondartrage: :iconartragefrance: :icond-artragers: :iconartrageartists:

3) Submissions require the artist to be active, and there is a great deal of art from inactive users that we have collected in the Favourites.

4) When the group was more open to submissions, we got a lot of random drive by submissions, and we can't always tell which art used ArtRage. This isn't fair on the actual ArtRage users.

What CAN You Submit to the Group?

We currently have four main folders (with subfolders) in the main gallery . You can submit to three of them. You cannot submit to the Featured folder. The rest of the group is for contest entries, tutorials and resources. If you ever have any of those, submit away!


The Featured folder IN the group does not allow submissions, art is added by staff when we see something worth adding.

If some of your work is featured, this is because we through it was worth showcasing. We only add a couple of paintings per person at a time.

Over time, we may add more of your works, but we are trying to highlight the best of ArtRage artists, show off the amazing variety and skill of our users, and not spam watchers with a massive flood of pictures.

Contest Entries

This is a folder for the monthly contest entries. If you would like to enter the current contest, submit there. The folder is retitled each month with the current theme, and you can also check the journal for details.


A collection of ArtRage tutorials created  by staff and by users. If you have a tutorial, it is very welcome here. Please submit it!

There is a list of the current official tutorials here.

Custom Resources

Custom ArtRage resources created by users. These are free to download and use for your own artworks (Please read the artist's description to check for any rules are that they may have added). Resources include tool presets (custom brushes), stencils, canvas textures, and colour pickers.

Again, if you have any custom resources of your own, please submit them here for the benefit of other artists.

I hope that makes things clearer. Please ask if you have any questions!
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March 2, 2014


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