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Thank you for entering the August Tiny Things contest, and get your paintbrushes ready for this month's theme:


The chosen theme for this month is clouds (alas poor cake, it never had a chance).

Monthly Contest Rules

All winners earn a permanent place in the winners folder.

  • 1st place: ArtRage 4 or a year's subscription, or the equivalent in points
  • 2nd Place: A 3 month's subscription, or the equivalent in points
  • 3rd Place: A month's subscription, or the equivalent in points

Rules are also the same as usual:
  • Must be uploaded to DeviantART during September
  • You can enter twice
  • It must be cloud themed in some way
  • It must use ArtRage
  • You can use the free Demo, the iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Touch versions, as well as the normal desktop editions

>> Submit your entries here!

wheels14 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello ArtRage Staff,

I would really like to enter your competition this month, but your link to enter just takes me to the gallery of submissions. Please tell me how I can enter. If I cant still this month, I would really appreciate if you let me know how I can enter next month. Also, when does the theme for October come out? 

ArtRageTeam Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015
We announce the theme for the next month on the 1st of that month (plus a little time for timezones - we're in NZ, so we try not to get ahead of ourselves too much!).

You should see a submit button in the top right of the submission gallery. If you can't find it, check that's you've joined the group - it's only available to members. 

The steps you should follow are:
1. Upload your entry to your gallery
2. Go to the contest folder…
3. Add your artwork

If you're still stuck, I can add it for you (if it's in your gallery already), you'll just need to approve the request. As long as you get it in before the end of the month, it's counted as a valid entry, even if we haven't seen and approved it yet. 
enug66 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015
"Hi, I'm not AR Staff  - I had the same problem. It's not made very clear - you have to click this box - "+ contribute to this folder" found near the top of the submission page - right hand side.
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