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Thank you for entering the September Clouds contest, and get your palette knives and paint tubes ready for this month's theme, while your hardworking ArtRage staff take a break from the upcoming ArtRage for iPad 2.0 update (coming next week!) to admire your peaceful skyscapes.

The Palette Knife

The chosen theme for this month is the palette knife. Whether you use the palette knife tool to paint a marvellous impasto or to blur all your watercolours, or carefully paint a pile of palette knives is up to you. Just make sure we have some idea of which one it's supposed to be! (If you paint a gorgeous painting of a tree and we can't even tell if you used the palette knife, then... well, that's not really in theme!).

We look forward to seeing all the awesome techniques you come up with! And bonus points will be awarded in judging for explaining how you did it.

Monthly Contest Rules

All winners earn a permanent place in the winners folder.

  • 1st place: ArtRage 4 or a year's subscription, or the equivalent in points
  • 2nd Place: A 3 month's subscription, or the equivalent in points
  • 3rd Place: A month's subscription, or the equivalent in points

Rules are also the same as usual:
  • Must be uploaded to DeviantART during October
  • You can enter twice
  • It must be palette knife themed or use the palette knife in some visible way
  • It must use ArtRage
  • You can use the free Demo, the iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Touch versions, as well as the normal desktop editions

>> Submit your entries here!

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October 1, 2015


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