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ArtRage Contests in 2016:

We'll be changing the contests a bit next year. We started them back when this was a tiny, tiny group, and have been delightfully surprised by how well they took off. We will be rearranging the prizes a bit, and considering whether we need to make changes to the rules, but we still intend to continue having a monthly drawing prompt format.

If you have any feedback, or suggestions, please leave us a comment!

ArtRage for iPad Apple Pencil Support

We will be supporting the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and expect to submit the update very soon. In the meantime, you should be able to use the Pencil without pressure or tilt by turning off Palm Projection in the Preferences. The update will also include some new features like Canvas Rotation (for all users), split screen support, larger brush sizes and larger canvases (for iPad Pro users).


The poll this month was tied between ducks and celebration, so we flipped a coin and chose celebration. We'll put ducks back into the next poll, so you can vote on them again!

Monthly Contest Rules

All winners earn a permanent place in the winners folder.

  • 1st place: ArtRage 4 or a year's subscription, or the equivalent in points
  • 2nd Place: A 3 month's subscription, or the equivalent in points
  • 3rd Place: A month's subscription, or the equivalent in points

Rules are also the same as usual:
  • Must be uploaded to DeviantART during December
  • You can enter twice
  • It must be Celebration themed (explain if it isn't clear!)
  • It must use ArtRage
  • You can use the free Demo, the iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Touch versions, as well as the normal desktop editions

>> Submit your entries here!

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teddybearcholla Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I must have missed them, but who were the winners and runners up of the Palette knife contest and the Madness contest? Oct., Nov. respectively.  Thank you!  Have a wonderful day!
ArtRageTeam Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015
Coming! I have a document open right now which I'm drafting them in, because I keep accidentally closing tabs on DeviantART and losing everything (this... may  be why they're late, but I shan't admit it) :D It's the end of my workday in NZ, but they'll be up tomorrow.
teddybearcholla Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
aaaahhhhh  ... a " zillion tab open" person! An exaggeration I admit, but I do understand! :D  Thank you, now I know it isn't my "mind" I am losing! :laughing:
ArtRageTeam Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2015
Oh so many tabs. I have to open every entry to grab the thumb, and I always end up closing the wrong one at some point.
teddybearcholla Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, now you're caught up, so you can rest! ;) 
digit-Ds Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015
typerhappy Kaoani  I like Cg Cookie/Concept Cookie site, mostly for its exercises. My suggestion is to have these kind of drawing exercises but, Artrage oriented. Bellow I put some links to some of these exercises as examples. So, let's say, the exercise Flowers could be specifically made with Artrage's watercolour tool. The exercise fabric and folding could be done with sketching tools like pencil, ink, charcoal etc. These exercises could be monthly but, the folder could be open all time for later submissions. It doesn't have to have a reward, just to pick up 1 to 4 month's best submissions to a feature/favourite folder and, when a very good late submission of these exercises is submitted, you can add it there. Your monthly contest could become season's contest with all of it's rewards.
Swedish Hi Thank you for reading all this.……………
ArtRageTeam Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015
That sounds like a great idea, thank you! Will definitely be checking them out.
digit-Ds Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015
Nommy smile 
rocheleheart10 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 1, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
can it be christmas  celebrations  and or new  year 
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