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Thank you to everyone who entered the Palette Knife contest, and we hope you had fun smushing all that paint around. Now, onto the next contest! And don't forget, we released a huge update to the iPad app last month, so update your app if you haven't already (version 2.0.2 should have the last of the bug fixes for the release version, so it's completely safe now).


The chosen theme for this month is madness. (You'll just have to vote on Hands and Secrets next month!) All hail insanity. Or anger. Your choice.

Monthly Contest Rules

All winners earn a permanent place in the winners folder.

  • 1st place: ArtRage 4 or a year's subscription, or the equivalent in points
  • 2nd Place: A 3 month's subscription, or the equivalent in points
  • 3rd Place: A month's subscription, or the equivalent in points

Rules are also the same as usual:
  • Must be uploaded to DeviantART during November
  • You can enter twice
  • It must be madness themed (explain if it isn't clear!)
  • It must use ArtRage
  • You can use the free Demo, the iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Touch versions, as well as the normal desktop editions

>> Submit your entries here!

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November 1, 2015


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