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Drew Baker -Mirumoto Kenzo XP2

Another L5R piece. In this one I wanted to show how the burden of the shame swords had worn and aged Kenzo, show him fighting in the war, and show him resisting the swords. (He's striking with Ambition, while holding Fury back in defense.)

I also wanted people who don't know L5R to be able to like it.
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Lovely painting.
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Gorgeous swift with power!
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Really awesome
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this is awesome. i love how the main guy pops so much!
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Thanks very much. I'm pretty happy with it.
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Perfect, i love this!!!
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You did awesome!
I really like this piece, Drew. The attention to detail is well appreciated by this fan of L5R. Are the prints of this and his previous incarnation that you did available?
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Thanks for doing this one, man. It's good to see Ol' Kenzo again.
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very nice colors :)
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The composition in this picture is so powerful without being too much. :D The feeling of motion is stunning and the color-scheme works quite nicely.
I like how you really captured Kenzo's struggle with the swords (and that you aged him to show that it's really wearing on him).
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I love how you're holding Fury back in defense. It's even more incredible that you know so much about the character and setting, being an artist that does his research on the game and characters makes it cool. Do you play the L5R?
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A Dragon killing Lions? I like it.
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This is one of your stronger pieces... I don't know much about L5R but it's interesting to hear how you incorporated the specifics of the character and his weapons.
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great composition. and it works even better with a the narrative laid out.
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Thanks, Aaron.
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Er yes... I don't really know L5R and I LIKE it!
What do the Shame swords do?
I love the tension in the pose.
Very inspiring, I shall have to have another go at more Samurai dudes :)
Are you using some kind of reference for your paintings?
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Thanks, Tom. The Shame Swords are basically demon-possessed, and corrupt anyone who carries them. So far he's been able to hold them off -- partly because the two swords don't like each other.

As for reference, the short answer is I used it for the good parts, not for the bad parts. Not using enough reference is probably my worst habit, but as a Ninja Mountain listener you already know that.


I think that's basically it. The face was from a book, and the others are me. Yes, that's an Ethernet cable around my shoulders.
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Very nice job, especially with Kenzo's face and neck - there's a mixture of strain and calm in him, which I think suits his struggle for control nicely.
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Thanks very much, Brent.
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You are quite welcome. :)
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