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Promotional poster created by Jan Straumsheim (AKA: Necron of Breed) for ArtPolitic 07: Propaganda.
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This is a very truthful message right here. It also reminds me of what Bart Simpson said at the end of the episode "Bart The General".
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well done. although "seperate" is actually "separate".
morgueprincess's avatar
a impressive way to express your feelings with artistic values..


evilfaeries's avatar
I already faved it on his account.. but this rocks.. i really like this.
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"War, what is it good for?" --- Getting rid of the bad guys maybe?

ivoryocean's avatar
yay! great poster!
subspitfire's avatar
Brilliant poster! thats fucking intense! In a militaristic society, we need more messages like that around keep it up!
necron's avatar
OMFG GREAT WORK :heart: ;)
thelambofgod's avatar
mm yes this is quite good. better than mine :X
sciphex's avatar
Fuckin sezzzzzzzzy :D
lovethatnixter's avatar
nice poster even though I am pro-war...hehe.
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Great promo flyer!
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two wrongs dont make a right but letting a wrong continue isnt right.
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