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This is a social commentary collage inspired by Peter Kennards' modification of John Constables "Haywain" painting, discussing what initially Western Europe, and later on, the United States have really brought  to what we refer to as the "developing world", war, death and the arms to deliver it.
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A pretty early and still controversial piece, I've been accused of all kinds of things with this one, including targeting the Jesus Army, (which I'm not specifically) it's basically just a comment on organised religion and its most crazed followers.
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This is actually a quite old collage, dating back to the nineties, both elements came from issues of National Geographic,  maybe even the same issue, once they came together then the fast food element fell into place. The piece was originally titled "Another Bloody McDonalds" but I changed the title to prevent any potential legal issues.
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Ok, I had to delete "Raising The Flag Of Commerce" and then re-upload it, why? well I looked at it again, and noticed it was an older scan that I had put the url for my old website and my old name (I used to be Jonathon Baker) and this is quite a popular piece so I want ti to be right, so here it is back in its proper form.....
  • Listening to: Joe Rogan Podcast
  • Drinking: Green Tea
The first two issues of the art pirate magazine are still available for free from issu, I will begin work of issue three quite soon once some free time comes up.  I'm also interested in working on a magazine for other collage artists, contact me with your details 
Thanks to all the cool welcome messages and comments to the artwork I've already uploaded, more will be coming! 
to find out more of my madness follow me on twitter artpirate666