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RULES: (Please read before continuing!)

:bulletred: You cannot contribute your own art! :bulletred:
We're all about spreading the love for other artists, not self-promotion!

:bulletorange: The art has to be exceptionally good.
:bulletyellow: Please contribute to the correct category.
:bulletgreen: Contribute any erotic/nude visual art or Literature into the "Erotic and Mature Content" folder as a courtesy to underage deviants.

Pretty simple, right?
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send us a note! One of our awesome admins will reply to you quickly!

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Wedding Cake by SandgoosePhotos
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Ire of Valansdael by Valentina-Remenar
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Repost flash -  The Rise - Work in progress - by Yoann-Lossel
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Bunny in a Beanie by Raikua
Charcoal Drawing! by NathanFowkesArt
Beren by EKukanova
Chevrolet Corvette C3 by NEMYV8
Frozen in Time by AnthonyPresley
Chicago. ..b.w. by gintautegitte69
Contemplate by CommanderEVE
Didn't We Almost Have It All by rickster155
Dawn Of Byrds by montag451
Ps295 by Campo-Diaz
Daemon by Andstein00
The Old One by MrCarnyfex
The Witcher saga - Cirilla - The Lady of the lake by love-squad
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2016 Presidential Gamble by BuckleyTypographics
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 MG 6043dc by kiumeireles
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Fragile by DragonflyAndromeda

Group Info

Since me and a few friends spend a lot of time on dA tagging each other to good art pieces and artists we find at random, me (danny-mechanist) and InsomniaDoodles thought it would be better to make a group where we could put all this art so EVERYONE could see our lovely discoveries.

1) You cannot contribute your own art
2) The art has to be exceptionally good.
3) Please contribute to the correct category
4) Contribute any erotic/nude visual art or Literature into the erotic folder as a courtesy to underage deviants
Pretty simple right?
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Mar 21, 2015


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Since it's been a while, I think a feature is in order. We shall start off with what I consider my forte, literature.

*cracks knuckles* Here goes nothing!

Bionic Punchline    “Take that, vile space thing!” shouted Captain Starjet, punching the alien with his bionic fist.
    “Sorry,” said the alien as it staggered back, “but do you really have to call me ‘vile space thing?’ I don’t find it all that offensive personally, but it makes it pretty obvious that humanity is the brutish invader in this intergalactic war. Nobody’s supposed to work that out until it’s revealed that my people are actually kind and gentle outside of battle, and that the motivations behind this conflict are largely economic, rather than ideological.”
    “Are not!” snorted Captain Starjet. “You’re just a gross tentacle monster that has to be vanquished in spectacular fashion. Frankly, I don’t care what you do outside of battle as long as you look suitably menacing while I pummel you.”

A lovely little flash fiction piece. A nice, light, read.

Stone Age Zombie Apocalypse    Gorg not move three days. I count to make sure. Sun up, sun down. Gorg not move. Sun up, sun down. Gorg still not move. Sun up, sun down. Gorg not move at all.
    We call him dead and dig hole for him. It seem right. No animals eat Gorg. We think Gorg like that.
    We bury Gorg. We move on. Gotta stay close to mammoth herd. We need food. Pretty sure Gorg understand. He dead, after all.
    But then strange thing happen.
    Hot times come. Cold times come. Hot times come back.
    Gorg comes back.
    Not sure what happened. Was it prank? Gorg not funny before he dead. Mostly Gorg yell and hit things. Good hunter, Gorg.
    But now Gorg kinda funny. He not hunt mammoth. He kill Rahg first night back. Then Rahg get up. He help Gorg kill others.
    I too scared to fight. I run instead. They chase after me.
    They strange now. They no get tired. They no need eat. Except eat people.

I love how the diction in this one is tailored to portray stone-age people.

Lost SomewhereOnce I decided it was hard to see,
What happened in the world and I tried to flee,
Built up a world not cold,
Needed it as a stronghold,
But I lost contact with reality.

This lovely poem by Malintra-Shadowmoon flows smoothly and displays well, in very few words, how we can feel when the world becomes overwhelming.

Mature Content

A quirky little limerick sure to make you giggle.

The Maidens Mirth Crowned by Chezzy-Am

A lovely piece by Chezzy-Am

Day 26 - TrapWhispered promises
She hides her true intentions
Until its too late

A masterful portrayal of a two-faced lover

Untitledhe bites his lip and
bares his throat,
says 'love me. kill me.'
(which does he want more?)

A moving piece by Chronokinetic-socks

ConcentrationI lost my mind a while ago,
I wonder where it went.
It could be fishing in a stream
or camping in a tent.
It might be flying in the air
or floating in the sea,
and the only place it isn't
is in my head with me.

And last but not least, a good, smooth-flowing piece about losing your mind.

I hope you folk enjoyed these works.

Know of any good poets on dA, we would love to have their works. Go ahead and submit them to the gallery and you may well become "Pimp of the month" (Yes, it's a thing again)
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