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Hi Guys, A few months ago I have been invited to an art auction. Their idea is to promote digital art as fine art. I had an eye opening conversation with organizer about originality of a printed piece (like in photography), pasting photos (reminded me of Tadeusz Kantor art ) and bitcoins and other art stuff and I got really pumped by their concept. It is all about mindset of investors, if they accustom to the idea that art can be created digitally. Here you can read a little more about the project: polishdigitalart.com/pda_proje…

So I created this personal piece with a touch of experimentation and symbolism. The event was very successful and I am looking forward to the second edition.

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c0rwynProfessional Writer
Like this a lot. =  ]
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OMG I like ti
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An article of garment is awaiting for you.....
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Oh my god, this is so beautiful!!
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Brandoch-DahaHobbyist General Artist
Looks great!
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mea00Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice! Congrats on the DD
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AsymmlionHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really love the blend of old and new looking buildings.
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Amazing ! Love it !!
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D-palaHobbyist Traditional Artist
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CheshirePhotographerProfessional Photographer
We had the same problem with digital photography when it was first used seriously.   The film guys laughed at it.   Now they've all gone over to digital.  I switched in 2001 and never looked back.

I'm glad someone is championing digital art.   I feel the image is more important than the medium.    Also, I notice that digital artists are far more productive than their painterly counterparts.   The sheer amount of great art on D/A is astonishing.  There was nothing like this before the 2000s.   You'd have to go digging in the Zines and specialty publishing companies, who were gatekeepers for good Fantasy and Sci Fi art.   We had Frazetta, Gurney, Whelan, Froud and a handful of others.  They were legends but so rarified.   With Digital art and places to show it easily online, there are thousands of good artists out there I get to look at every week.   A virtual renaissance.    It's great to see not only wholly original works, but lots of inspired fan art as well from one's favorite movies, shows and video games.
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Work like this really shows off digitial art well.  This piece is really great : layout, atmosphere, scale and dynamic range in an immersive (2D) environment - bravo!!  This is what I aspire too.  Painting seems so old school to me; almost quaint plus it is often slow to produce a painting (although there are some very fine painters out there).  The digital the medium lends itself to endless amounts of quick experimentation.  Plus I don't have to mess with paint brushes
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DakoaProfessional Writer
I really like the composition of the piece; the shanty town surroundings, growing up around the technological 'marvel' of the metropolis in the background... Congrats on a well-deserved DD!

Hope you don't mind, but I used your image to prompt a piece of flash fiction; dakoa.deviantart.com/art/Power…

The image is included as a preview for the writing (credited of course), setting the scene for the narrative. If you like it then great! If not and you'd like me to remove the preview just let me know.
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ondriasradimHobbyist Traditional Artist
Muy buen
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ShyTreasureHobbyist Artist
Amazing work!
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Nice work !!!
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sketchy40Hobbyist General Artist
like how the city is faded
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LuckyStarLaneProfessional Digital Artist
what program did you use to make this?
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CapscesDigitalInkProfessional General Artist
Excellent work, congratulations!
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Ghettos Are The Same Everywhere They Stink
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