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Fantasopolis 1

Hi, it is commissioned work done for a very nice person. It supposed to have literary feeling, a traveller heading to the fantasy city surrounded by mountains.
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I could just stare at it all day...:)
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Wow, what a great scenery! Amazing work! I love the contrast between the bright, colourful background and the dark and mysterious aura that surrounds the traveller. Instant fav :+fav: :clap:
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I feel sorry for that a way it looks kind of doomed.

The picture itself is very vibrant though. I appreciate the detail you've gone into, very impressive!
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beautiful scenery and colors!!
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everything apart from the dark shrouded char there age good. The color composition doesn't balance well.
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Thanks for the critique, could you give me a hint how to improve it?
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here's guidance within a proper image composition use usually by photographers to take exceptional shot. Sorry if you mind I over paint your piece to show it. The man should stand at least within the circled intersection line. Left bottom box is too dark, it does not compliment the other right top box in value. Top center box is to saturated also doesn't compliment the bottom center box. build shadow correctly so at least anyone seeing this piece know where the light source is. The red almost autumn tree is nice but have another bush or flower with the same value color in the other right bottom. Add a perspective point at least within one of the circled intersection, building object that pointing out to the perspective point is a good idea.
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Wow, thank you for your time and effort! It is very clear to me what you mean. I guess you are right, because I cannot much defend my composition using math (rule of thirds). But don't you think your composition tends to be more staticc and so polite? I kinda feel that when the character is moved more inside it becomes more important and attends more attention, also covering view over the city... The first plane should be almost completely in darkness though. Thank you for pointing out mistakes, I hope to introduce your advice more carefully next time.
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well composition doesn't point out of falsely or truly decision, it's subjective. I'm just suggesting to pull the guy to the intersection point since it was close enough. Apart from that, it's your piece after all. I'm sticking to it without changing of it too much :). Anyway forgive me I didn't know about the guy should be in complete dark shroud, then the rest should at least shrouded too. Anyway look forward to your next piece.
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That traveler looks like he is literally bringing darkness to the city. I get this impression because he's radiating black.

Was it you aim to make this guy look "evil"?
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The point of this move was to interest the viewer, to force him to ask: 'why?'. My intention was to create very mystic feeling around that person, like he wasn't real, not usual appearance. Maybe he is out of this image... barely existing. I don't know;p ;) fanks for comment!
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wow! that is really awesome! This is a sketchy picture, but there is also alot of detail in it too! :D
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OMG this is greater than great :D :thumbsup:
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Stunning work! This painting have a fantasy feeling, I wish I can go there and forget my daily problems. =D
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an amazing picture!
realy nice

i like it

cu dgxxl

my gallery:

or my website:
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sorry i meant to put:D not:X ^^; sorry about that!
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WOW!! This is beautiful! The colours are amazing and the detail in this is incredible!:XDXD
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Funny picture, the background is more detailed than the foreground. I don't know if you did it in purpose) buuut.... it's as if we had the man's point of view.

I like it c:
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At first foreground was detailed more, but it was required to make the person more drafty, so everyone could put his own character there. Thanks for the comment:)
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Ten klimat bardziej do mnie przemawia niż Fantasopolis 2
Świetna paleta kolorów, bardzo ekspresyjne ślady pędzla - czyli wszystko to co cenie w malarstwie.

A tak poza tym to co u Ciebie słuchać Mateusz?
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Walcze z realiami tego swiata. Staram sie zbudowac solidne portfolio, ale cos mi ciezko idzie;/ Wakacje jak wakacje mijaja powoli ale ciekawie. Lubie moje studia za to ze sa plenery wyjazdowe! Uczymy sie wtedy projektowac na nietrzezwo;) Staram sie zdobywac jakies zleconka, ale z tym tez jakos pieknie nie jest. Pewnie trafil mi sie dzien demotywacji, ale kiedy sie zbiera na motor to liczy sie kazdy grosik. A jak tobie czas ucieka?
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Hej Mateusz!

haaaaa! plenery.... fajna rzecz :D
aż z ostatniego nie chciałem wracać :P
A u mnie, wakacje - coś w rodzaju powrotu do młodzieńczych lat ostatnio.
Ale też mijają powoli, tu jakiś remont, tu załatwianie jakiś papierów itd czasem browar.
no i, byłbym zapomniał... :P przygotowuje się na małą kampanię wrześniową :P hahaha

pzdr ;)
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the feel of this picture is amazing. it's very beautiful.
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