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Random Shoomlah-Sirrus Comic

This little bit of complete randomness came out of my frustrated efforts to come up with a Sirrus/Shoomlah picture for my art-trade with :iconshoomlah:. I was sitting on the couch one night lamenting the fact that something that should have been so easy was proving so difficult, and my brother and sister (:iconkingjing: and :iconridel:) decided to help me out by... basically... telling me the story of Sirrus and Shoomlah and the giant flying whale.

I, of course, had to draw it.

And upload it.
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jvenegas's avatar
Is this supposed to be their honeymoon?
Artoveli's avatar
No no, just some terribly random happenstance.
jvenegas's avatar
mashed humor , with a dash of oddity, and a pinch of love. If only my life could be like this. 
R-H-MacLanahan's avatar
Is this how a space whale is born?

Or do they come from a pot of petunias?
Artoveli's avatar
I am not at liberty to comment on such things...
crazyxangel's avatar
And neither of them seems very concerned with the fact that they're flying up... and up... or where they're going to land, or when, or why normally aquatic creatures are now flying...
>.> Hmmm... well, good like with you're flying whale, kids...
Artoveli's avatar
Indeed. One crisis at a time.:nod:
crazyxangel's avatar
Next thing ya know, they'll be using jellyfish as parachutes... that's gotta hurt.
KJanuary's avatar
Eeeerm... Wow?

Yes, I suppose a "wow" is in order.
Artoveli's avatar
I did say it was random.:nod:
Faeliscity's avatar
Well, your siblings do seem to be some helpful people! :XD:

Hilarious... I'll now watch out for flying whales. :nod:
Artoveli's avatar
Yes, always keep on the lookout for them.
Faeliscity's avatar
Note that they must be hard to miss.
Crawling-meower's avatar
*resists making naughty comment on panel #2*

Awesome comic! any chance for a colored version?
Artoveli's avatar
Nope, but in a few moments there will be a random Sirrus/Shoomlah picture with color!

*Thanks for resisting. Seriously.*
hpholo's avatar
Usually I like to comment on my favorite panel, but pretty much all of the major ones nearly killed me with funny. :rofl: You should continue this comic! I want to know where the fish are going, too!
Artoveli's avatar
The Random Adventures of Shoomlah and Sirrus!
Artoveli's avatar
BAM! --> [link]

See what you've done?
TaktarTheLombax's avatar
Now this was something really random! I like the reference to Saavedro's speech from Exile when you link to Narayan. Your sirrus is beautifully done as aways. you did a good job!
Artoveli's avatar
Thank you very much!:D
Pelamin's avatar
Oh goodness, so incredibly random.

*loves it*
shoomlah's avatar
You rock so hard.

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