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Myst Alphabet

This thing is ridiculously huge.

Recently the ~Myst-fanclub hosted a contest for an illuminated Myst alphabet. In usual form, I decided to bite off a bit more than I could comfortably chew, and did the entire alphabet. Beyond that, I went all Edward Lear on it and wrote little poems for each word! What was I thinking???:noes:

I totally missed the deadline for the contest. Still, I'm happy that I pressed on to the end. Once I got into it this was a really fun project to work on!:XD:

(D) - I'm not the first one to do the D'ni/duck-knee joke, but I can't find the original picture. If anyone knows where it is, please tell me!

(K) - Little Aitrus is reading a book on "digging machines," in case you can't tell what it says.:)

(O) - For those of you who don't know, this is from an actual easter egg in Riven!

(Q) - The word "quintevigesimal" refers to a base-25 numbering system. Thank you, I never would have found a Q word without you!
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This is so awesome! And nice knowing the technical name for the base-25 numbering system you're introduced to in Riven! And Xylophone is fitting, in some places it's in the ambient music, particularly in Riven. Speaking of which, is that where the "Waffle Iron" is from?
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Ah, thank you so much! :aww: Yes, the waffle iron is how many fans refer to the marble grid in the top of the big dome on Temple Island.;P
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Came across this a while ago while browsing. It was fun then, but I love it now that I've read the books and can get the references!
Man, this was such an awesome game franchise. I really need to find some time to play them again.
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Aw, yay! :w00t:  I love Myst so much. Actually, looking at this thing again made me remember how much fun it was to put it together.  Maybe I should do something number-themed one day...
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Expected was some reference to Xerxes, a king of antique Persia, with a terrible temper. Gashed his thigh by accident when mounting his horse in a fury -and died of the injury.
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That would be a great entry for X in another alphabet project, but since this one was fandom-specific I had to make it relate to Myst in some way. :)
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I'm in love with this :heart:
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Thanks, it was a metric ton of fun to put together. :D
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that´s sooo great i laughed a lot when i read it :)
easter egg in riven? i think never saw that :(
Artoveli's avatar
Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :aww:

Oh, you never saw it?  The easter eggs in Riven are lots of fun!  There are 5 of them, of course. ;p  You've got to solve five riddles that tell you what to do in order to unlock them.  Let me see if I can dig them up...…
FreyaAbendstern's avatar
now i don´t but i played the game the last time when i was 12 or so... ^^
thanks for the information
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Erm, squee.  Many squee.
Artoveli's avatar
Ha ha, thanks! :aww:
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"X is just for Xylophone, 'cause Xenophobe was used." :XD:
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Så jävla bäst hela dan.
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Now now, watch your language!

And thanks. :-)
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HA HA HA HA!!! i cracked up reading this. i also need to play myst more.
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I'm glad it made you laugh! This was a super fun project.
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All of these are awesome! But my favorite has to be the counting "game" where Gehn taught the Rivenese kids to count by dropping people into a Whark's mouth. Not okay, Gehn, not okay.
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Seriously. Gehn is a patoot. He's like fifty patoots.
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