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Rubellite Tourmaline (My gemsona) by Artollo2-Corner Rubellite Tourmaline (My gemsona) by Artollo2-Corner
I'm also open for fusions! Send me a note if you want to! I can't guarantee to be the one to draw it, though!

Although this doesn't really portray my current hair style (since I drew this months ago) I still really liked the design so I didn't want to change it.
Not to mention my hair is spiked up and I can't draw it for the life of me.
Also, I have like, three? reasons for choosing this specific gem which are
1. It's pink and red, my two favorite colors
2. The particularly pink ones are usually found in US gem mines
3. This gem's color is described as 'pure seduction' by a couple of sites and that works because I often have people tell me they have a crush on me or they really like me.

So here we are.Jacksepticeye happy face

Name: Rubellite Tourmaline
Nicknames: Rube, Tor, Ruby
Age: Relatively young, a few hundred years.
Gender: Sexless identifies as Male.

Pronouns: He/him/his they/their/theirs
Abilities: Calming to be around, When heated up they will cause a small magnetic pull.

Personality: Rubellite is just the right person to ask for advice as they can usually tell you just what you need to know or need to hear. Their presence is very calming to most, however, they are usually never calm themselves. They experience emotions intensely and usually, you can't tell exactly what they're feeling because they're pretty all over the place in showing their emotions. They are very extroverted and usually pretty anxious when not fused with anyone because they're paranoid about what others think. His main goal is to find true love, but they often have the problem of falling for people who will never think of him as more than a friend, despite often having people tell him they want to date or even sleep with him (which usually spikes his anxiety because he hates rejecting people and he has no idea how sex would work between a gem and a human). He is pretty good at catching and telling innuendos tho. Before meeting Citrine and Pink Pearl he was somewhat insecure about being a gem when he was around humans because the only other gem he knew of was Emerald, He's had a few human names and knows how to use human makeup to pass as a human.
Hobbies/Talents: Singing, fashion, and watching human TV

Weapon(s): Axe
Gem Location(s): Chest
Mohs scale: 8
Diamond quart: Pink Diamond

History: Rubellite was created in a Kindergarten on Earth, however, it wasn't the same one as Amethyst, it was one shut down almost immediately after it's creation. Rubellite had wandered around the Kindergarten alone for days before finding Emerald and the two became friends. They traveled around, learning about gem things on their own, like accidentally fusing after seeing a few humans dancing and deciding to try it out. They'd panicked and immediately unfused, however, a few days later they tried to do it again to see exactly what they'd done. Rubellite was the first one to learn to summon their weapon, though, because they'd wandered into trouble and they'd covered their gem to protect it, accidentally summoning an axe. Once they were around three hundred years old they'd started wearing human clothing over their initial bodysuits, although they'd swapped the human gender roles, as Rube would wear dresses and Em would wear pants. At around five hundred years old Em had been hurt as a homeworld ship had crashed and reverted back into her gemstone. To protect her, Rube had found a cave and hidden her within it before drawing his axe and approaching the site. After an hour of searching the wreckage, he'd decided to return to Emerald before seeing a large glow of light and a large, wreckage covered fusion rose out of the rubble before unfusing and dropping Citrine and a Pearl. Rube watched as the Citrine caught the pearl in the air, and he decided he'd sneak up while they were preoccupied and attack, however, his dress had caught on some rubble and he'd fallen into their line of sight, his axe flying a little too far for him to quickly grab. The two noticed him and the pearl was quickly dropped to her feet as the Citrine reached to summon her own weapon. Rube tugged at his dress uselessly as the large Citrine approached with a mace in her hands. In a last ditch attempt to preserve his life, he'd covered his gem and quickly flattened himself face first. He waited a moment, holding his not needed breath as he realized Em would never know what happened to him. He sniffled loudly and the Citrine stopped in her tracks. She glanced wearily at the pearl before ridding of her weapon and freeing Rube's dress from the wreck. He took a minute before looking up at the Citrine, and they offered him a hand that he hesitantly took. Once he was to his feet he gathered his axe and got rid of it before deciding to get to know the two who'd crashed into his planet. Once Em had reformed she'd been introduced to the two and they all became friends in time. They'd all decided to build one of the houses they've seen the humans have and they created a large four-story house, a floor for each of them. Rube had also gotten a human job of fashion designer around the 1920s. In the 1950s, a Euclase and an Azurite both escaped from one of the other planet kindergartens to avoid a mess left by a screw-up, they faked their deaths.

Dance style: Swing dancing, provocative dancing

Other: TBA

Sexuality: Greyaromantic Bisexual (5 on the Kinsey scale)

Past crushes (Just here in case I decide to write some stories): Clarence, Benjamin, Frederick, Rose(Not a gem), Edna, Howard, Fred, Anna, and Gerard

Current crush: Euclase

Height: 6’

Weakness(es): Attractive gems and humans (mainly male ones), Manipulative 'friends', and love.

Voice: Mitch Grassi from Pentatonix 

Theme song: Can't sleep love by Pentatonix/ Crybaby by Melanie Martinez 

Allies: A Citrine, a pink pearl, and an Emerald, the first two of which having escaped from the homeworld and traveling across planets before crashing to earth and discovering Rubellite and, later after gaining Rubellite's trust, Emerald. Also, an Azurite and an Euclase that he met in the 50s

Watermelon Tourmaline - Emerald and Rubellite - Swing dancing - Relatively stable at first, deteriorates after a certain around of time, Rube is usually in charge - They/Their/Theirs - Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman
Orange Tourmaline - Citrine and Rubellite - Provocative on Rube's part, an awkward attempt at keeping up on Citrine's - Relatively stable, breaks when Rube's angry - Rubellite's in charge - They/Their/Theirs - Sing by Pentatonix
Rhodochrosite - Pink Pearl and Rubellite - Fancy mix of Ballet and Swing - Relatively neutral stability - Charge changes - They/Their/ Theirs - The River Flows in you by Yiruma
Indicolite - Azurite and Rubellite - Provocative - Very stable - Azurite is more often in charge - They/Their/Theirs - Ref by Pentatonix
Pietersite - Euclase and Rubelite - Mix of swing and classic - Stable until Rube starts thinking about the fact he's fused with you know who - Euclase in charge - He/Him/His - Misbehavin' by Pentatonix
Paraiba - Euclase, Azurite, and Rubellite - Very provocative - Very unstable, often can't manage to fully fuse - Azurite in charge - They/Their/Theirs - Lying is the Most Fun by Panic!
Onyx - All five - Real all over the place - VERY unstable, rarely finishes fusion - Unknown - She/Her/Hers - Ready to go [Get me out of my Mind] by Panic!
Orthoclase - Euclase, Citrine, and Rubellite - Mix up - Stable - Rubellite in charge - They/Their/Theirs - Lean On covered by Pentatonix
Rhodolite - Pearl, Citrine, and Rubellite - Pretty, awkward - Relatively stable - Citrine in charge - They/Their/Theirs - Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! 
Rosasite - Emerald, Azurite, and Rubellite - Provocative/awkward - Stable once fused, has a hard time fusing - Azurite in charge - They/Their/Theirs - Time to dance by Panic!
Labradorite - Emerald, Pearl, Citrine, and Rubellite - Relatively pretty, except Citrine - Stable - Rubellite in charge - They/Their/Theirs -  L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole
clubpenguin1 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
so very awesome :D
Artollo2-Corner Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2016  Student General Artist
Thank you!
clubpenguin1 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
You're welcome :D (Big Grin)
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