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Joining WoWarcraft?

Wed Feb 6, 2008, 2:53 AM
  • Listening to: Nothing good *still sick of ma playlist*
  • Reading: Guardians of the Lost.
  • Watching: Heroes 2
  • Playing: Nothing just yet.
  • Eating: Nothing. Food doens't like me right now.
  • Drinking: Pepsi Max! Caffein cures all! (No.)

<everpresentsuckywarning> As usual, I can't be assed to spellcheck this. It's probably riddled with typos and spelling mistakes and offensive comments, and I don't care. Ha! </everpresentsuckywarning>

So, I think I've managed to upload all my Flyff and RO art, now for some Granado Espada/Sword of the New World. I don't have much fanart for it though, so I'm nearly up-to-date on DA at last.

I have a couple of unfinished artworks from last year still though. Perhaps I'll finish them one day. But not today. Likely not tomorrow. When? I don't know. Art is on hold again due to the fact that my insides would prefer to be worn on the outside, and everything I draw is comming out like I feel. =/
Last journal entry I briefly mentioned feeling a bit ill. Back then I thought I had a cold, but it's become clear that it's actually the same problem I had throughout November/December. I didn't go to a doctor then, and I wont go to one now! *is stubborn*
Vagary: And lo and behold, you're problem has returned. Surprised? -_-;
Bleh! *sticks out tongue*.

Anywho, I wont go into it any further, no one likes listening to people whining about how ill they feel so that's the last you'll hear from me on the matter until I am well again.

My boyfriend just did something very mean; Horrible even! He offered to buy me a World of Warcraft subscription! The fiend! T_T Doesn't he realise I've been MMORPG clean for almost half a year now? I can't play WoW, I'll get addicted, like I do with every MMORPG I've played in the past! Just when I'd finally started getting things in order, he comes and tortures me with promises of a new MMORPG T_T Whhhhhyyyy? T_T

So what race should I make? What classes? Should I join the American version, or the European? I can't wait :excited: (Vagary: Impressive resolve! *sarcasm* ) Oh, hush you!

*cough* Well, perhaps I am getting a little over-excited, but can you blame me? I've wanted to play WoW since the day it came out <3 An official game and yet it actually devotes several whole servers to RP! So much story history! So much lore! *hypes*

Perhaps it is good that I am unwell, as now I don't have to feel guilty about playing it XD Except I have to wait for it to -get- here. Oh, and we haven't ordered it yet >_>; We're smart like that.

As usual, I want to import my favourite characters, Vagary, Belial, Dragunov and Firesong. Understandably though, I'm having transgressional issues.
-Belial will almost certainly be race undead and class warlock. The undead storyline fits him reasonably well, and warlocks get necromancer spells and demon sommoning. Perfect^^ The look isn't quite right, but it'll have to do. Night elves look more like him, but the story doesn't fit at all, and they are built to muscular for him anyway.
-Firesong's personality seems made for the Night Elves, but the look is all wrong for him. I can't think of a reason to put him in the Blood Elf encampment, which is visually more fitting, so I suppose night elves will have to do. Class wise, I'm thinking hunter, but with emphasis on the beast talent =3 I hope there's a good birdy-beast for him, I don't know much about the available hunter pets.
-Dragunov would almost certainly be a human paladin, but the look doesn't suit him at all u_u I don't think he'll get made on WoW. We'll see.
-Vagary ... cannot be human here, they're just so un-him. They look rough and bulky and stupid and far too old. No, no, no, that simply wont do. Perhaps Vagary'll have to sit this MMORPG out too? T_T But he's my favourite! *sobs*  I'm considering placing him in the Blood Elves, but I can't consolidate his being a blood elf with story and reason =/ Class wise, he'd be either a priest again, or a gun marksmen orientated hunter. Give him a gun, and a couple of pets; teach him the engineering and first aid proffessions and he'll be right at home =3 but race...? *sigh*

New characters? I want to make a Tauren! But we'll see about that later.

My biggest WoW problem will be factions. My boyfriend prefers nightelves (who are part of the Alliance), and I prefer undead, blood elves and tauren (which are part of the Horde). I suspect I will quickly get board of the game if I can't find a partner or RP group within my faction. I can rely on my boyfriend to keep me company normally, but our allegiances may prove incompatible u_u (Horde and Alliance races cannot party together).

Another small indecision is whether I should play on the US server, or the European one. I should pick European, right? But from what I hear, European one doesn't have any RP servers, where as the US has a collection of RP servers to choose from. Buuuut if I join the US server, I'll be online while most people are sleeping =/

None the less, I'm excited. By what I've read about it, it sounds perfect for me. I wish I could play now. Maybe I'll download the 10-day-trail while I wait for WoW to actually get ordered and delivered >_>;

Heroes Season 2 was great again, up until the last episode. Oh, the last episode was still good; I'm sure most people would say it was great, but I am not most people. I am most displeased.
They killed off my joint favourite character -again-. Heroes script writers, I demand you stop killing him off! Stop it! Grrar -_- Grumpy-businessmen-who-seem-like-bad-guys-but-are-actually-good-at-heart deserve better! *grumbles* I hope they bring him back again at least u_u

Fortuna Buddies Pimpage I'm gradually trying to organise my DA a bit, so let me start by adding my Fortuna Friends^^ I feel like I want to give them some pimpage =3 F-guys! If I'm missing any of you, drop me a note and I'll add you.
In DA alphabetical order:

Artist Pimpage:

:iconvogun: Vogun Is my life-long partner, whos drawings caught my eye one day and caused me to go over and say 'what's that your drawing?'. Last year I finally made him join DA.

:iconzorosanjiclub: :icon1piecefans:



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