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A wizard!

Happy arting friends and as always thank you for your support!  It really means a lot!

You can find me elsewhere on the net on:

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I am a big fan of the role-playing game Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP), game that no longer exists for a long time, and I design adventures/scenarios written by MERP fans, for the MERP fan community.

I really like your picture, and I wanted to know if I could use your image in a FAN-MERP booklet, knowing that it is not at all for commercial purposes, but only for fans of this old role-playing game.

As I said : "made by fans for fans" 🙂

Naturally, I quote the author's name of the images in the booklet, in credits part.

And I add these informations : "This module is the intellectual property of the authors, art creators and designers. It is intended for private, non-profit use. No portion of this work or material derived from it may be used for commercial purposes without the permission of its authors, creators and designers."

Thank you so much!


This is a fantastic image.

Do you mind if i use it?  I was google imaging a wizard for my steam profile, and this came up.  It was too good to steal, so i was wondering if you'd give me permission to use it!  I'll be sure to leave your website at the bottom.
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Sure thing thanks!
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Great work! I wonder if all wizards steer towards the long pipe. :D
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The light here is simply MAGNIFICENT!
I love the way he squints very much! And that scar across his eye! Great art!
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That's how I want to look. When I'm old... and a wizard... Awesome work ;)
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Looks sweet, like the rough style. =D
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That ain't no squishy wizard!
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now this one looks like a real wizard~
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amazing work ! :D
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Finally a wizard looking like a wizard!
Somehow reminds me of Peter O' Toole.
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So very cool! I bet he could take on Gandalf himself!
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