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The Emerald Nightmare

I wanted to thank everyone who joined me in my live stream while I painted this piece!  It was a real pleasure sharing my process and getting a chance to interact with other amazing artists!  I wanted to give props again to Blizzard for the amazing job with WOW Legion.  It's been a blast so far.  Now... on to more Mythic dungeon runs LOL!
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A great piece ! :)
Duskbrdarkfang's avatar

Even though this is an old piece I still love it. :) Great job keep up the great work. :D

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That is one fucked up Satyr
EdwardHacks45's avatar
What about the emerald wet dream?
TheUnusualGoth's avatar
MitchRoseArt's avatar
Was fun watching you stream this, learnt a lot! So thanks! ;)
Wan-Yie's avatar
He looks fab and wicked. perfect
Blasterixx's avatar
Even tho i don't play wow, i really enjoy this fighting scene from it! :squee: Great job! :#1:
Desert-Owl-Forge's avatar
The title should be "The Ruby Nightmare". Emeralds are green.
Just saying.
and the fact that only the nightmare is this sickly red,after that it's a lively ,revitalised green,which i might also call radiant and filling with a  sentiment of pure serenity
Desert-Owl-Forge's avatar
You make no sense.
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But the location in the game is called The Emerald Dream. The title makes sense... just saying.
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epic shit right here!
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Pretty fuckin' awesome.
DragmaKerp's avatar
That is me! 
Well not, but it's the same, I'm a female draenei paladin protection :D
Grace-Zed's avatar
Excellent work! 
cocarat206's avatar
A great raid and a great piece of art! Awesome! 
Wayuki's avatar
Really nice composition and colors!
Awesome.                                                                                                   Demon Angel La 
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This is awesome
Shes sexy
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Fantastic composition and action. 
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