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An illustration for the upcoming Hex Shards of Fate card set Primal Dawn.
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Has a Malimensid(?) Feel

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DAY-UMM! She can drain me anytime!
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Very nice. Love it!
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frighteningly sexy!!
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Is so Super awesome!
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Woooaaaooow O_O Where she lives? I'll send her a valentine! ^_^
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Uh, very lovely job. Really awesome work on the design. She looks attractive but deadly. The details on her clothes and wings are spectacular, and the colouring's incredibly fitting.
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Considering the one and only thing they're about, showing a succubus wearing clothes makes about as much sense as illustrating a fire elemental with no flames to be seen, if you ask me. It completely misses the point. I don't blame you for that, I get why they always end up depicted as they are, but it just seems like a waste of the concept when you can't show it fully realized. If nothing else, it makes them more generic than the concept should be, since "barely clothed hottie" applies to a lot of fantasy concepts. Non-specific demons, dark elves, potentially any type of elves, female magic users in general... Succubi should be unique among that category for being the ones who don't even bother to go as far as "barely." But nope, time and time again you get succubi in fantasy media who really just have the name to define them as such, and no other exclusive visual trait. ...I guess my point is, if the people in charge of a project don't want to put nudity in that's fine, that's a more than justifiable creative decision for multiple reasons, but then don't even use the succubus concept in the first place. It makes no sense for a demonic incarnation of sexual lust to cover up their naughty bits, they wouldn't care about our human sense of decency and on top of that, it's directly counter-productive to their whole operating procedure. Either use the concept or don't.

My personal rant aside, it's definitely a very well-done illustration though. Good anatomy, excellent painting and color work, the technical execution is all top notch. The only exception is that I'm not really feeling the headgear, personally.
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Your rant and reasoning behind it are completely misplaced. Succubi take an appearance of what a man in question desires. Succubus can look like a midget in a santa costume with a beard made out of spaghetti, or as a 7ft tall black man with a giant penis, if that what gets the victim off.

P.S. Necroposting and not ashamed of it.
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First, necroposting is indeed nothing to be ashamed of. Conveniently enough, I've been behind on my dA activity from roughly the time of that original post until very recently and necroposting like crazy too. Only potential problem with bringing up old conversation is people forgetting what they were talking about, but that's a non-issue when the previous posts are right there to reread.

Second, I agree that succubi can look like anything. But the vast majority of the time, and certainly in this particular image, they're going for the tried and true super attractive woman vibe. In which case, you can't tell me that actually showing the naughty bits wouldn't achieve even greater results for the strategy she is clearly going for. So sure, if she were trying to appeal to someone who's fetish is crash test dummies in space suits, I wouldn't complain about the coverage one bit, because it would make sense for the appeal the succubus is trying to capitalize in that instance. But in light of the appeal the appeal succubi are depicted going for about 99% of the time, covering up the lewdest parts makes no in-universe sense. Even in your examples, I would call the 7 ft tall black man form a lame cop-out if that massive dick weren't on display for all to see and santa's spaghetti beard better be showing whatever the lewdest part of that would be. Because the pretty much entire thing about succubi is seducing the targets with whatever they want to see/touch/penetrate/be penetrated by/etc. And thus I still say that a sex demon without any sex is like a fire elemental without any fire - entirely pointless when robbed of their key defining trait. If for some reason you couldn't show fire, then I'd say you should leave fire elementals out entirely as well by the same logic.
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Just saying, I disagree entirely with the above rant in almost every way.
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love it, great work !!
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spikes and wings in all the right places.
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Well, no doubts here; it's definitely a great piece, beautiful as always. I really like the statuesque feel it gives while it remains organic. As for the headgear: is it just me or it resembles Wayne Barlowe's work, particularly those in his book about hell?
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so sexy and so terrorific either :3
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so sexy, awesome work 
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Excelente! Preciosa! ME ENCANTA!
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