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Morkai the Red

By ArtofTy
This was my favorite character to design for Neverwinter Nights 2 so I took some time to render it more than I had time for during the project.
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Hey question. Morkai the Red wasn't in Neverwinter Nights 2, was he? I recognize the character, that's Startear, the wizard you can get to hang out in Crossroad Keep if you build the wizard tower.  So um I'm wondering, is "Startear" just an alias? Is he really Morkai in disguise? Did he originally have like an ulterior motive in coming to the keep? That would have totally had so much potential as a side story, like, wow.
...Um also according to the Icewind Dale Trilogy, Morkai the Red was murdered fifty years before the events of NWN2. Does that mean he's also like, secretly undead? That would be so cool.
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Loved Neverwinter Nights 2. The name Morkai and the robes on this char seem familiar, but I can't really seem to remember him. Where did you meet this guy?
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Looks like hes on Serious bizzy ness :o. sick work
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didn't play nwn2 (maybe I should, being a BG2 fan?), but I like this :) although his posture seems a bit too symmetric
The-whist-hound's avatar
Yep, you really should :P
Not as big a world, and maybe not as deep persons; but there is some very fun character dialogue, and anything in Faerun rocks anyway xD
Edarneor's avatar
that's probably because I didn't like NWN1 much.
maybe someday... :)
The-whist-hound's avatar
I never got around to play NWN1 xD
I have the box set, but it always gives me error messages, and I at the moment dont have the patience to fix the problem xP
mikemars's avatar
really like that pallet. i also dig the spheroidal nodes in the metal work. i also like that parts if it were left loose. very cool -m
CrayonMechanic's avatar
Wicked game!
love the rendering on the belt, striking as hell!
EBENEWOOD's avatar
Very nice Dark character!! :sun::)
nancahabyar's avatar
too much good ^^

caddman's avatar
....Breathtaken and magical pic...:D
Mister-23's avatar
That's intense dude.

Nice job.
Lizterhann's avatar
great piece man I love it !
WIKI-Wiseman's avatar
Best of luck on your project! :)
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The game was released in 2006 :)
WIKI-Wiseman's avatar
awesome! what was the name of it? :)
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Great character. the color palette is awesome too
darkpassioncomics's avatar
Wow, nice work! he seems to be a great character!
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TOO cool man! Really tight character.
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