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Major Arcana XIII

By ArtofTy
The third in a series of the 22 tarot major arcana.

The others in the series so far:
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I didn't think this was that great til I zoomed in, and then I thought, "Good thing I zoomed in!"

This is very good.
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My little pony, My little Pony... well, rather my little deathhorse :3 this looks fricking awesome XD
Devollution's avatar
Death himself. I love it. Especially how you drew the wings.
imran102's avatar
So this is Death.....indeed, if I saw this in the battlefield, I would definitely think my end has come.
VoronRS's avatar
Magnificent Taro! ! ! When this Taro will go for sale?
vasodelirium's avatar
hi!your work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind:)
AngelusNoir's avatar
Your style is just amazing!Loving the mix of classical painterly techniques,art nouveau and a palette muted enough in places to really make the glowy bits pop..great work!:clap:
notyouneitherme's avatar
'Look into the hourglass ... Look and you'll witness your own death!'
mrhollow's avatar
That's wonderful!
BloodyJosie's avatar
such a great piece of art. Love the whole design and composition :heart:
Un1c0rny's avatar
Awesome depiction of death!
Thorongil83's avatar
Your works looks amazing... truly epic :)
THIS IS WAT ARTHAS FROM WARCRAFT SHOULD HAVE LOOKED LIKE not some albino tool that looks like he can be knocked down by a stiff breeze :P great artwork :D
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biomek's avatar
I find death more mensing then the card implies.
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really cool :clap: !!!
TaniaAV's avatar
Great!!! REally fantastic!!
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