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Major Arcana V

The ninth in a series of the 22 tarot major arcana. Please visit my gallery to see the others so far.
(This work is an original design of my own, as are all the tarot cards in this series. Please ask before using thanks!)
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© 2012 - 2021 ArtofTy
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Thezibaim's avatar
Looks like Detmold (Witcher universe) ^^
Glitterkillah187's avatar
"He if the dark rites"
AaronGriffinArt's avatar
This is so fantastic. The idea alone is brilliant but the execution just defines it. The natural feel, the lighting and colours. Yeah i dig this painting a lot dude. Love it.
Devollution's avatar
The Hierophant. He looks like a Cosmic Judge. No offense. I still love it.
imran102's avatar know, if the Pope (original name of Hierophant) really looked like this, then no wonder people think he's the Anti-Christ.
vanderWaardart's avatar
Kind of looks like Christopher Lee's face.
SporemasterHIMPO's avatar
That chick has a HUGE ass!
CultOfTheKu's avatar
Incredible composition. Loving the Major arcana work!
TheTenthSword's avatar
Lovely interpretation of this card.
AngellesArt's avatar
Extremely well thought out and I love the somewhat androgynous symbolism of The Heirophant, not in gender but in the essence of authority vs. punishment towards The Lovers. I really like this view.
galapogosian's avatar
This is my favorite so far.
Coelophysis's avatar
Hmmm . . . his face could be read as either wisdom or malevolence, though my impression compels me toward the latter. The Heirophant, in its upright form, is supposed to represent authority, tradition, ritual, initiation, religion, societal values, and conformity when they are justified. That's one of the most interesting lessons the Tarot can teach us; authority isn't necessarily a bad thing. I wonder if modern sensibilities find that offensive.
Koursaros81's avatar
barticus's avatar
Very very cool!
ajnif's avatar
wow ... amazing!
AaronQuinn's avatar
reminds me of devil may cry 4 xD
Odilicious's avatar
It makes me think of Juan Gimenez Arcana " The bishop"
IanSchofield's avatar
Amazing I love it
NuminiousNihil's avatar
Epic Bishop lookin dude is epic.
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