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This is a piece I did for Dragon magazine December 2010 issue. Goliaths are a race exclusive to the DnD universe and this guy is a bravespear. © Wizards of the Coast 2010
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I abolutely love this piece of art. Would you give permission to depict it on a D&D game Multiclass Guido on spanish. The guide would be distributed for free, and this pic would be depicted on the page of Druid/Barabrian. Thank you.

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Please join us !
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Hey there, it looks like I joined back in 2014.  :D
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Oh! great. Feel free to submit your beautiful art. :D
I can't wait you finish your tarot and print it. ;)
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Do you do commissions?
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Wow. Nice. 
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Hey StoryKillinger...I just looked at the stuff on your site and you really should not be commenting on something you don't know anything about!
Your perception is of bit of an issue.
Nice try though.
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Friggin EPIC! certified BADASS! :strong:
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A bit of anatomy issues TY
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Nice Work!! *^*
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Berserker mode on ! Nice art
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this is just so beast! well done
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it's an excellent job!! well done!! :hooray: :clap:
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oh man great work
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amazing piece.
actually I like it so much
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It's an awesome piece, and looks really great. But I can't help but notice that his foot in the back looks totally wrong. Looks like he has an extra joint above his ankle or somethin'.
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Awesome! And the way the strings ties up whatever-that-thing-is-called-at-the-waist, it looked like a 王 character(Chinese for King) xD
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Beautiful work, I like your style...:worship:
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