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Doom 4 Busts

By ArtofTy
Playing with some cyber demon designs. The middle one is from my Livestream feed on Dec. 15th 2011. Each took from 2-3 hours.
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I'm glad the COD-style Doom game is cancelled, what i think should have stayed are the resistance fighters and the earth setting while leaving out the COD-inspired mechanics when they rebooted the Doom 4 project to simply DOOM, hence the setting of different levels/plot obviously mattered less than how the gameplay was designed.

I bet the loadout system is taken from the "Call of DOOM" project and stayed in DOOM 2016's multiplayer just like how the glory kill survived the overall reboot of the project, i have a feeling that they should have skipped the loadout system when they are developing DOOM's multiplayer which isn't all that great frankly but there are some cool stuff in there as well.

Nice art BTW
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wait, so is this official doom 4 art? :D
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Pawns = Zombies(possessed soldiers)? I'd like to see them!
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Yea the pawns would totally be the zombie soliders. ^__^
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They look awesome :D Really unique designs although they aren't quite like the designs of all other Doom monsters. My personal fave is the one on the left :)
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Thanks! I did try to give them a slightly different twist.
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DOOM... creepiest computer game ever.
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Evidently you didn't play Amnesia.
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no i don't. are these busts from the game or inspired by it?
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has any one seen the key? any one?......
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Love the concept, the whole connection with chess pieces. Very befitting of Doom in a way, given the simple rules the enemies in the original games behaved but the significant impact it had. This is very inspired, though it makes me dread seeing what the Queen looks like. Love the keyhole in the Bishop's head, especially.
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Please don't stop making Doom fanart. I love how you've stepped out of the frame to make these.
It gives a fresh perspective on what a Doom creature could look like, particularly Doom 4. These designs would look gorgeous with idTech5.

I'm working on Doom fan art, myself atm. The goal is to make my own version of each of all the creatures and zombies, including the hero.
If you ever have the time and interest, I'd love it if you could give your thoughts on what I've been able to finish so far.

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Really awesome style!!
ArtofTy's avatar
Dare I suggest a master Tim clay interpretation? ^__^ Rock on man!
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I wasn't aware there was going to be a 4th Doom already? These designs look great. :)
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Bigger horns! Longer snouts! More eyeballs! :D
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