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Tripping through Bogomils Mind

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India Ink (Micron Pen) Drawing on buff Arches etching paper - 11.75" X 8.5" - 2008
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I like it----- -- -
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A masterpiece !
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This makes me want to stop drawing and just watch you..... beautiful, beautiful, I think I want to cry it is soooooo beautiful! :clap:
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Janelle you make me blush! If you could watch me you'd see that I am fumbling and wrestling with artist blocks most of the time, until ........
Anyway, I am flattered by your comment, my head is going to explode (would this be PERFORMANCE ART?)
To return the compliment, I must say I am very intrigued by your work, so don't stop for any reason!
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Well, OK you talked me in to it.... seriously, if I couldn't draw, I would die.... its something I do to stay alive. It's my addiction!

BUT I really do love that bogomils mind piece.... I am using it as a desktop on my Mac at school... and all the students were discussing it and looking up your art....
ahhh, their OLD art teacher had lost her "glory" there for a while.... ArtOfTheMystic was top of the heap!
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Featured your amazing work in my journal!
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Thank you so much!
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You're welcome!!
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I would love to have your imagination. I have trouble with envisioning such pictures in my minds eye. You are very talented.

Take Care
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awesome dear !
it's so detailed ..., just perfect ., i love the idea
thank you
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Dear Otto,

You have ernst Fuchs penblood on your veins, Durer's vision, and that periscopic attitude that I have always been peering on your creations. Highly impressive craftmanship. exquisite. It make my mind bombard the image of Benedict with spermatozoans!!!

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Ah my friend, truly brilliant job!!
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This is amazing!! :worship:
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Trippy!verry cool!!
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holy crap madness! I love it
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A trip of the highest order.
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oh wow! thats friggin awesome! :clap: this is my favourite kind of art... the kind that everytime you look at it, you see something new!

excellent work as always! :aww:
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Bogomil looks like a complicated bloke.
How do you find etching paper, the few I have tried were not very good for drawing and very absorbent .
I like this it actually looks like an etching.
Nice work.
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I like the Arches paper I bought a couple of decades ago at the University Art Store. Basically leftovers from those days. Just using up some Strathmore right now, and that I am having trouble with (absorbency - it feels spongy and has not enough tooth for my kind of drawing style).
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