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Pablo's Last Concert II

89 Favourites
acrylic on canvas, 30"x40", 1990

Picasso at his most playful, surrounded by odds and ends he refused to throw out, intuitively playing an assortment of out of tune musical instruments for the enjoyment of himself and with no regard to the sensitive ears of innocent bystanders.

The painting was preceded by this drawing [link] which I had sold - I missed it so much I decided to paint it.

This painting was my entry inRound 3 at the Saachi Gallery Showdown during the week of April 2nd to April 8th.
It did very well, though not a finalist, but was in the top 50 most favored artworks [link]

This artwork was again entered in the SAACHI GALLERY SHOWDOWN round 12 between 11-02-2008 and 18-02-2008 and had been
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Mar 26, 2007, 12:08:28 PM
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This painting has been featured in The Surreal Dozen, Vol. 5, Art Essential's art feature!
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I absolutely LOVE this! such a great melange of art
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Magnifique j'adore !!!
L'esprit, les couleurs, bref tout :heart:
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The painting is so exhilarating and absorbing. Nice work. I can see why it made a good showing. What were some of the comments good or bad that the judges said about it?
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.....nothing. It's on-line voting, 1 to 10 stars.
Overall, I pay more attention to what the average person thinks about it than any critic or expert.
Thanks for dropping in
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This is are amazing!
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Here is an update for those who stumbled onto this post: the conversations related to this piece had to do with my entry into the Saachi Gallery Showdown Competition. The first showdown ran for 12 rounds. In one of those, this painting made it to the 50 most favored works. Not a winner, but a respectable showing.
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the love for art cannot be abstract (picasso)

the love for art has to be surreal (mimi)

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Pablo had a surreal phase as well, though he was better known for cubism.
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yeah, I know about different phases of Picasso. it happen with us, philosophers, when we write an essay about something.

I very much loved your work, nice art!
I am doing my post doc at Montréal (UQAM) at the moment and have been in Canada so many times... I used to live there for 1 year (studying). Lovely country, lovely people and now, lovely artist! Rather than only see the artists, it's very nice to talk to them!

my friendly hug from Brazil
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Nice that you like it here. I've never been to Montreal myself. I am actually Austrian, just living here (out West) for the past 40 years!
Philosopher, eh! Almost an artist, in a way. Heck, some of my best friends were philosophers!
Cheers and thanks for dropping in
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Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrazy! such a fantastic classic surreal! brilliant composition of colors and items. Great piece!
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I clicked to vote for your work, and it says it does not open for voting til 4/16/07:shrug: Will try later??
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I found the problem: the link was still from the preview, which differs from the voting link. I fixed it now [link] but wonder how many votes I missed because of forgetting to change it when voting opened....
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I am sure if they are persistent like I am, that they would have kept at it!! :lol:
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You are the best! Thanks again!
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Try this link, something must have gotten mixed up - anyway, try here: [link]
And thanks for the effort!
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Awesome!! It worked!! Gave you 10 :star: ;)
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This looks like a fun piece. Favs.
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Tu as vraiment beaucoup dinspiration,
tellement detailer,
un grand talent...
tes oeuvres me font penser a Dali,
mais avec plus dimage de la vie reel alors
ca fait un tres bon melange! Good Work!!
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Merci beaucoup ! Dali était une inspiration tôt, ce morceau se penche peu dessus l'école de Vienne du réalisme fantastique, mais a été inspiré par une biographie sur Picasso.
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Interessant bravo! :)
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Great inspiration you've got !
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Fantastic imagery, love the references to his orchestra of instruments ... so many great details to get lost in!
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