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graphite drawing on paper
14 1/2" x 11"
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© 2007 - 2022 ArtOfTheMystic
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This is amazing, totally get lost in the detail of those trees!
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Fantastic art! Your work is amazing!
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This is awesome!! There's so much detail, it's amazing :D
Olaf68's avatar
It's just amazing.
Niki-Smith's avatar
Wow, the detail is incredible. That's one wild and awesome piece of work..
this is the perfect art :)
ansl86's avatar
Amazing detail and soooo realistic - surrealistically realistic :O
LabyrinthCreations's avatar
yes, this is wonderfully done--the viewer can get lost in this...a front page fav! :+fav:
Karolusdiversion's avatar
Very very well done. There's a soft erotic atmosphere, but evident.
:clap: Compliments!
626stitch's avatar
Man, this is so creepy and so detailed. Amazing job
GOTYCKI's avatar
wow! Fantastic!
janellemckain's avatar
Alas, how did I miss this exquisite work? This is sooooo beautiful... I must fav now!
liquorphantom's avatar
Wicked work man!!!..I love the overall creepyness and surreal dark eerie atmosphere...sweet!
labornthyn's avatar
Hallucinations, dreams...this is a very involving work. Makes me think of many epically bizarre things. A great work of imagination...
AthenaF's avatar
Incredible. Extremely well done; your precision is outstanding. You have a very evolved eye for details. Awesome.
AbXynthetic's avatar
i love this one!!! this vision is stunning , It's seems to be a little bit blured but i think its the scan fault or the paper facture..but it doesnt matter for sure it's my :+fav: :) :ahoy: cheers
ArtOfTheMystic's avatar
blurry - yeah, the best I can do by not having the original anymore. I took the scan off the catalogue for the show it appeared in.
Fangfingers's avatar
most excellent !

*shamelessly oggles it's naked errogenous zones *

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. ~ Oscar Wilde
pawwwprint's avatar
such stark vegetation and so fine a lattice of winter stalks..

verry awe in much of... am i.
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Thanks for your comment!

A blatant attempt at vote solicitation:
Vote for my art at the Saachi Gallery Showdown [link]
DSil's avatar
Wonderful! This reminds me of the Dore illustration Forest of the Suicides in Inferno. I love the madly intertwining twigs.
michelesato's avatar
Kafka should see his book in your paint!

lovely metamorphosis
ArtOfTheMystic's avatar
....first time someone told me my work is Kafkaesque...... I am honored. Good company - I used to feel that way when I was younger, but then again, that's when the bulk of my work was created....
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