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Magna Mater Revisited

acrylic on canvas, mounted on masonite, 39"x22", 1978 - restored 1994

this is a re-issue of the previously submitted painting Magna Mater (deleted)

Magna Mater is the Great Earth Mother. One of the symbols shown in this painting is 'The Venus Of Willendorf', one of the earliest depictions of the feminine principle.
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The great thing about surreal paintings is that they can be as ambiguous or as suggestive as you want to interpret them to be. That being said, this one leaves rather little to the imagination. ;) Love your use of colours, and your mastery of shapes and perspectives. :D
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I feel like I've lost my mind just looking at this...
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A mind is a precious thing, don't loose it over this!!!!
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nice. but still, looks kind of gay looking
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Wonderful flow ... I almost feel as though I could step inside it!
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Wow, what a spectacular piece of art!
I love it:D
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Wild, wacky, serious, beautiful, and thought provoking. Awesome. Favs.
Tihi. I'm going to write a essay at the university (I'm reading archaeology) about Venus-figurines; maybe I cpuld add this picture as a appendix ;)
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be my guest! the little figure on the left side is the Venus of Willendorf (25.000 BC). Thanks for dropping in!
I just read a quite intersting theory of selfrepresentation in the palaeolithic; which states that the venusfigurines were done by the women who are represented in the sculptures, and it becomes quite obvious when you look at them - they are clearly sculptured according to how the body looks from the womans own eyes (therefore the large breasts and missing legs etc.) It's a pitty you don't speak swedish - otherwise you could have read my essay, if it is ever finished. :)
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I think I still read a little swedish - I had once been fluent, in another lifetime.....
Jag tycker om Sverige, och jag talar lite gran swenska
You're full of surprises :)
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