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graphite drawing on paper,  120 cm x 100 cm, 2017
the largest drawing I had done so far, just finished a couple of days ago. I liked working on it, so there might be more in future. 

PLEASE NOTE: prints offered as Fine Art Prints and Canvas are cropped (I guess DA can't handle odd sizes) - only the photoprints would be full image. 
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Love it Otto, great work!
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Absolutely stunning work. When I look at it so much comes up in my mind. It goes very deep. Very inspiring!
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I love the mix of aesthetics. The design for the face under the eye in the top right is my favourite - there's something utterly gorgeous about the texture you've imposed.
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this piece is in part a summary of previous works (as far back as 1977), details of which I had added. 
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Wow, magnificent !!
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thanks Bernard - it was a long process, but once started, it was a lot of fun working on it. 
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Gorgeous work <3
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Wonderful, spectacular in the usual note! Congratulations
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thank you Dan - I would have to say the same thing I say about all my latest work: this is the best I've done so far. With this piece, it might actually be the best for a long time :D (Big Grin) 
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The artist competes with himself
  ... we always want more ... greetings
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It's so surreal it's luscious to look at.
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glad you like it - it was hard work and long hours to complete +fav 
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And it paid off really nicely.
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Such incredible beautiful detailing in this legendary stunning art..WOW😊💖❤💖
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thank you very much - it took a long time to complete, and to date, is the largest drawing I've done
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Well..luckily when we who are compelled to do our creative art thing..actually do our Art Thing..we can get quite easily lost in the Doing hey..thats why we love it so..breathing life into the unimagined and the dreams we have floating around in our grey matter that just simply HAVE to be set free with our pens pencils brushes and stylus..nothing like getting lost in the creative process for a few hours or even days so we can have a break from the world outside..painting and drawing is my place of wonderful calm and my Zen..I would crumble to cinder ash and dust if I couldn't let my imagination run amok on a page..its dreams set free when we do art..the world can always do with as much art as we can possibly dream..and I wouldn't have it any other way..😊☺😆😉💖❤💖💜💜💘🎨🎨🎨👍👍👍✊✌
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