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Deterioration of Mind

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acrylic on canvas, 20"x28", 1973

One painting, entitled “The Deterioration Of Mind Over Matter” is a frightening picture of a decomposing human scull firmly ensconed on some devilish birdcage in which the raw gore of mans physical being lies lifeless at the base. The parting flesh of the scull is secured by a tromp-loeil safety pin. This is truly an image that could have been utilized in the former issues of “Tales From The Crypt”, in fact it brings to mind in its own scary way the imaginations of Edgar Allan Poe. The poem, “The Conqueror Worm” comes to mind immediately:

But see, amid the mimic rout

A crawling shape intrude!

A blood-red thing that writhes from out

The scenic solitude!

It writhes! - it writhes! - with mortal pangs

The mimes become its food,

And the angels sob at vermin fangs

In human gore imbued.

Excerpt from the critique by J. Brooks Joyner, Editor Visual Arts, The Albertan, Saturday, May 29th, 1976

Listed here: 25 Disturbing Art Pieces That Challenges People’s Sanity…
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This painting of mine is decades old: I cannot remember how much it was sold for way back when, but surely I made more $ selling prints over all the years I had been with FAA/Pixels than I got for the original. Puzzling though that sales here on DeviantArt are lagging. It does pay to have more than one POD site.

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Nightmare fuel D:

(No offence)
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Man, Otto, you come up with some pretty wild stuff!!! Great image!
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Wow. That's pretty interesting way to picture the concept.<3
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Did you upload it again?
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This is insanely awesome. One of the more interesting pieces I've seen! Awesome detail, awesome concept
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WOW This is crazy awesome!
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Looks Dali-esque. Cool!
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This is just how I felt this morning when I awoke. Kidding aside, this is the best works of art I've seen submitted in several days if not weeks. It would be such a pleasure to view the original work.
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Would love for you to join my group #DA-Art-Gallery
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It is quite odd, but no matter how many times I see this painting Otto, I always immediately see Bacon's "Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X" before the image of the head filters through! It is quite remarkable, even when compared side by side it is extremely evident. The cage of the jaw becomes the vertical streaks, the eye on the left morphs into the screaming mouth, the dripping purple eye socket and tongue take on the form of the robe, and the rock column becomes his papal throne.

Have you ever seen this within your fantastic painting?
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its 4 years later - you must be clairvoyant!!!! check this out:… - it is listed here among the greatest artists in history, Bacon included! 
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this gave me shivers down my spine before i even clicked it..
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this is my principal fear, the loss of my mental faculties.
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Not beautiful but very impressive! The true look into the mirror.
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one of the most haunting paintings i've ever seen.
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I got no words!
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:clap: wonderfull !
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Beautiful. Reminds me of Dali a bit. :+fav:
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Pretty damn twisted! Amazing work! :)
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