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David Multiplicity

acrylic on cancas, n.d. unfinished, lost
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marvellous... The colors are so calm, and vibrant at the same time. The boat really fits the spirit of an inner adventure. :clap:
Aartsee1's avatar
I am really enjoying all the artistic references and alterations. Nice work-
SalHunter's avatar
Wonderful painting ... you must be so annoyed to have lost it!
ArtOfTheMystic's avatar
You bet, but partiually my fault - I also lost several more around the same time 15 years ago, a dark time in my personal history.....
SalHunter's avatar
ahhh dark times ... I had one about 20 years ago ... but it turned out OK in the end
Volovo's avatar
Da Vinci lebt - absolut fantastisches Bild - +++++

(gefällt mir persönlich am allerbesten von deiner Gallerie)
ArtOfTheMystic's avatar
Aways nice to hear from Austria! I still have strong ties there - thanks for the comment!
smartmonkeee's avatar
Dali would of loved this one... too bad it was never finished. sigh

i love the wash in the sky and the way you did the right side of the painting....
ArtOfTheMystic's avatar
You know, I still like it, though it doesn't exist in its original form anymore. One of these days, I might complete it digitally with some more additions to it. Yeah, Dali. It leans somewhat on his painting about Columbus discovery of America....
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....yeah, kind got partially destroyed, so I gave it to some artist friends of mine to use in a - can you believe it? - QUILT!
gromyko's avatar
lol...a quilt?...then it must be lovely quilt....
wareWolfVampire's avatar
Oooooh i love this, i love the polka dots around his..
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