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Axis Mundi - Earth Center

Location  Inner Realms
submitted separately again to get the PROPER image for print options ......
something is not working quite right on DeviantArt - need to keep an eye on it  AXIS MUNDI by ArtOfTheMystic
so yes, no problem - if you want prints, check out this new upload! 

graphite on paper, 15 1/2" x 24", 1997

A common shamanic concept, and a universally told story, is that of the healer traversing the axis mundi to bring back knowledge from the other world. It may be seen in the stories from Odin and the World Ash Tree to the Garden of Eden and Jacob's Ladder to Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel. It is the essence of the journey described in The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The epic poem relates its hero's descent and ascent through a series of spiral structures that take him through the core of the earth, from the depths of hell to celestial paradise. (Wikipedia)
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Deborah-Valentine's avatar
nice to revisit your work, it is always interesting even viewed over and over
Ale-Isis's avatar
amazing work!! this is great!
Aethersis's avatar
Hmm that makes me think of Metatron's cube :P Really nice!
morad's avatar
wow this is really good
shadowfluid's avatar
well, look whose been inspired by bosch.
StonehouseArt's avatar
Totally weirdly... awesome. :)
evusha's avatar
wonderful...very creative and unique:hug:
PedroPsb's avatar
that's a mix of Escher, Dali and ArtOfTheMystic.
very awsome stuff (:
Daisy-Iris's avatar
Ive had a look at your page and your work, its fantastic. :]
NastyThought's avatar
i see something taken from Moris Escher ....... but anyway ... its great :)
mathiole's avatar
amcia19's avatar
Incredible drawing and very very good work :) Carefully prepared details, out of the ordinary idea. I'm impressed.
LetsGetGlam's avatar
Wow ! It is great ! I love details !
acIrmo's avatar
Wonderful work. Details are superb!
morbid-is-fun's avatar
42millones's avatar
incredible details...
added it to my favs!
Flockhart's avatar
Some drawing are like a quick but tasty snack this is a veritable cornucopia of delight, every time I look anew I find something mind catching and beautifully delineated. Superb draftsmanship coupled with an amazing array of interesting detail to derail the thoughts and send my mind off at a tangent. Love your work Mr Mystic, superb stuff.
ArtOfTheMystic's avatar
Thank you very much! My inspiration comes from many sources - in this drawing here I have to say my friends Peter Gric [link] and (early works of) DeEs Schwertberger [link] also a bit of Escher [link] and Oscar Reutersvard [link]
You might enjoy checking out this site about optical illusions [link]
PeterZigga's avatar
Outstanding details and fantastic geometric motive..:):)
ElenaR's avatar
Featured this in my new journal --> [link]
Hope you don't mind ;)
ArtOfTheMystic's avatar
Great! I am honored!
SofiaGarrido's avatar
This is absolutely amazing! You're very talented! :clap:
BlackTowerOfTime's avatar
there is many in it to look at and discover the infinite of thoughts. It is a very inspiring piece of art. The idea with the Thet in the middle is good. first i didn't realizes it as some important part of the picture even the contrast to the background is ther maybe the highest in the picture. Maybe it is that I can't recognize it exactly as Hebrew letter, but i wondered if it could be one or if it was an "just a thing". How you think about the idea to give the letter some "glow" around it for make it look more divine? But surely it isn't an option to change the art now, just as an idea.
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