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TW - Artifice and Acquisitions - Page 3

By ArtOfTheGame
Team Troubled Waters: Rescuers - M8 [Past]: Page 3

For :iconpmd-explorers:


Team Troubled Waters: [link]


Page Notes

Alright, let's get this mission started properly! Nauxis is running a little behind schedule, but I'm sure Mike's group will cheerily welcome him aboard! I'm sure it'll be a walk in the park! I'm sure that whenever I say "I'm sure" in the page comments, I seem to be hinting towards ominous foreshadowing!

Look at that lame castle in the distance! Camelot!
:iconpatsyplz::iconsaysplz:It's only a model.


:iconlonemaximal:'s Hawkrow from Team Electric Wings: [link]
--> You better be here when I get back! :stinkeye:
:iconaugustelos:'s Aleena from Team Star Grounds: [link]
--> Thanks for the medical treatment! Stay safe during this mission! :wave:
:icontayzonrai:'s Petal from Team Nexus: [link]
--> Petal made my M7 Past mission pretty interesting, hence Nauxis' word of caution. He cares though, and just wants to make sure she's safe! :nod:
:iconalice55blue:'s Skylar and Matthew from Yeam Skyshock: [link]
--> It was weird drawing a little puffball bird pokemon that wasn't Nauxis!
:iconfeufochmar:'s Quëlwa from Team Aspearbelue: [link]
--> Decided that she needed one more cameo! What better way to instil confidence than with a wobbufett salute! :salute:
:iconswampertgirl:'s Trinity from Ebony Vespers: [link]
--> Wonder what she was doing over there :?
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augustelos's avatar
Surely thank Aleena, the Nauxis is now better prepared to face the mission will not be anything but easy. Thanks for the cameo.
ArtOfTheGame's avatar
Yep, he's going to need to be fully prepared for what's to come ahead! Your welcome! :wave:
lonemaximal's avatar
Nauxis flying always seems so surreal to me. I think it's just his tiny little wings being able to heft his pudgy widdle body. XD Truly, Natus defy the laws of physics.
ArtOfTheGame's avatar
Truth be told, I did a little more research on Natus only a few days ago, and realized that most pokedex entries say that Natus usually hop to get around since their wings are underdeveloped. So...Nauxis is a particularly gifted Natu! :shifty:

What blows my mind is that Garchomps can actually fly. At sonic speeds, apparently. One day, Gunpowder will fulfill his dreams of becoming a sky pirate!
SwampertGirl's avatar
Daww, thanks for the cameo~! ;w;
ArtOfTheGame's avatar
SabreMushy's avatar
Be sure to avoid the knights of Neee on your way to camelot!
ArtOfTheGame's avatar
Oh god, Nauxis is going to get there and Ceylon's going to ask him to cut down the Tree of Life with a magicarp. That sap is as good as gone! :nuu:
SabreMushy's avatar
But first he will have to answer me these questions three!

1) what is your name?

2) what is your quest?

3) What... is the average running speed of a one legged doduo?
Arsenikira's avatar
The Monty Python reference made me smile. :D
Good luck with the mission and great artwork :)
ArtOfTheGame's avatar
Monty Python always makes everything better. At least up until the point when people are tired of hearing quotes from it for an hour straight!

Thanks, glad you like! :D
InsomniacFlaaffy's avatar
Never mind, lets not got to Camalot. It is a silly place...
ArtOfTheGame's avatar
We eat ham and jam and spam a loooooooooooooooooooooot! :sing:
Tayzonrai's avatar
Looks the paltry statistic is done, Nauxis must be happy!

''I'm sure'' Petal will stay out of trouble, I just know it!

Hm, I sincerely wonder how Nauxis will react to the fact that they will have to KILL a Pokemon. I look forward to it! :p Hopefully he won't be getting any more injuries during this next fight!

I wonder if Ceylon will take another Oddish girl hostage.
ArtOfTheGame's avatar
Yeah, Nauxis could do without additional cuts and bruises. These missions aren't making it easy to come out unscathed, though!
mintinol's avatar
Aww! You did a great job on drawing Skylar!
And there is Matthew on the roof :iconheplz:
ArtOfTheGame's avatar

Matthew must have been sunbathing :relax:
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