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MCU Spidey

Hey Everyone! :D
With Captain America: Civil War riding on the rails to the month of May 2016, they couldn't resist teasing a scene of the all-new Spider-Man at the end of the 2nd Trailer with actor Tom Rolland as the upcoming webslinger (Link HERE!!!). And I gotta say, the costume is, by far, the best comic adaption of the 60s-70s I have seen on the big screen! I am in love with the new look plus the camera lens-changing eyes! ;) As much as Spidey has been a pivotal character in the comics, cannot wait to see how they utilize him in the film, fingers crossed!
Anyways, hope you guys LIKE it and thanks for the love and support! :love:

God Bless!
~Tarik DJ Holmes

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Hey everyone 😄
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Peter's characterization is so funny in the new movies. I love how his wallflower archetype that he started as changed to "the weird nerd and puppy-spider hybrid" at some point. Cool looking city background and you did amazing on the shading!
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Everyone screamed like girls when they saw him for The first time in the mcu
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Haha who wouldn't want to see Spidey alongside with the Avengers? ;)
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Avengers 3 part 1. He'll be there
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cool hands!
Recommended for the :icontrdl-r3-weeklyjam: jam!
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THWIP! Thanks man! :D
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Hey Everyone! :D
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Nice concept ^^
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You're welcome Tarik !!
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