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Inc Aliens Warp Gate 1


“Once on the bridge, I looked out the view screen to see that we were flying past what would seem indescribable.”

To order your copy of “The Story of Inc” hardcover art book for $20 (gone after June 6th), please visit…

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"Kev, it's a big glowing triangle."
"Well, alright, yes, in that sense quite describable, but in another more cosmic sense, quite indescribable."
"A very big glowing triangle."
"Yes, yes, in the literal sense, yes, a big glowing triangle. I mean in the context of our finite mortal existence, the very nature of the universe, existentially indescribable."
"It's a very big yellow glowing triangle."
"I don't feel we're really communicating on the same level."
"... you want me to go upstairs?"


Nicely, though, dude, nicely.
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starcraft battlecruiser ?
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Sorry to see the kickstarter was canceled.  I definitely would have pledged.  Looks like it would have been an awesome book.

Please let us know if the project continues.
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Thanks Rogar, have to make some edits to the book, but once that's done we'll get it back available to everyone. Thanks for the interest!
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aw man, why was the kickstarter canceled?
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See the artofsoulburn facebook page for a more detailed explanation. I'm bummed, but we shall be back.
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Combining Star Wars-era megastructure design with The Ever Mystical Pyramid motif (VERY big in the 70s). Good work!
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Thanks, glad you dig it
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Feels like 2001 or 2010 scene :la:
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